Monday, 16 September 2013

Stranger danger

A couple Of weeks ago a harrowing experiment was shown on Daybreak, It was to remind us to keep our children safe in the "real world" so much emphasis has been put on keeping our children safe online and safe from cyber bullying, maybe as parents we have forgotten how much to stress to children to stay away from strangers in the real world. most of you have probably seen the clips aired on day break but for those of you that haven't, this is what the experiment was about.
The show asked nine children aged five to eleven and their parents to take part in an experiment to find out what children would do if they were approached by a stranger. The children, individually were taken to a "normal park" to play they were all approached by a stranger who would attempt to lure them out of the park by asking for help to find a lost dog or another child giving the excuse that they were playing hide and seek, seven out of the nine children who took part followed the stranger out of the park as there parents watched on horrified.

I find the results absolutely shocking, Daybreak have reminded us of the consequences of our children not being educated enough in appropriate ways to keep them safe if they are approached by a stranger. At one time not accepting sweets from a stranger was hammered into every ones head but in light of the internet now I believe that this danger has not been forgotten but has been overlooked massively, the potential threat still remains so keep your children safe.

Kidscape  have worked alongside Daybreak to put together five top tips on keeping your child safe they can be found Here  they are fantastic and remember education starts at home with the darker nights drawing in we all want to rest assure that our children "don't go and say no".



  1. That is scary and interesting, I would never have expected those results. I would have thought that kids now would be completely educated about the dangers!
    Hilda Wright

    1. I agree, I think everyone understands and knows the dangers the information just doesn't seem to be filtering down to children enough anymore


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