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Hi I am Helen I am 36 years young and I write this blog or online diary as I like to think I am also a registered nurse in a busy medical setting at the hospital, I love all things girly, from fashion to makeup, I also love cooking, crafts and I have a slight obsession with social media! I love a glass of wine at the weekend and love spending time on days out with my boys and the two new additions my twin girls!

The man in the picture is Ian my partner in life, best friend and soul mate. He's the boss of the remote .....very important job and the rest of rules are mine!

I hope you enjoy sharing our life journey with us don't forget to leave us a comment if you like what you read or have a question and I will get back to you!

This is Liam he is seven years old, full of energy he never stops, he loves Lego, mine craft and ro-blox he loves to be outside playing in sand or water yet he loves to settle down in front of the TV and watched a DVD Liam also likes to dance and has a questions about everything. Liam has also diagnosed been with autism, anxiety and dyslexia a few years ago however this does not define him. 

This is Adam seven years old, he is very sensitive, loves cuddles and the colour orange, he loves all food especially fruit Adam can usually be heard before he is in sight, he talks a lot and likes being the centre of attention he is always laughing. He has a love for singing, dancing, and playing with play-doh oh  Adam takes great pride in his appearance he likes to have his nails painted and is very opinionated when it comes to what he wears he also loves animals and any sort of transport from cars through to tractors.

This is Jack, my big baby boy, four years old and he is already nearly as big as Adam. he is very very loud, loves the outside, especially playing with balls and on his scooter, he also loves playing with his cars and trains he is a very happy typical little boy. Jack is also crazy about Peppa pig and loves his food.

These two little beauties are Demi-Rose the oldest yet the smallest and Eva-Jen my little chunky monkey but the youngest by three minutes they are both very different already there personality are starting to shine through Demi-Rose is on the go all the while doesn't like to sleep in case she is going to miss something where as Eva-Jen is really chilled out sleeps a lot and love looking at the television and concentrates intensely when she is trying to grab something they are both really happy little girls.   

If you would contact me about anything or would like any more information you can do this through the contact us page on the menu.


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