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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Snack time with little Yeo and OXO tot

When all three of my boys started to wean, I always gave them some sort of yogurt or fromaige frias through out the day, It is always far simpler than paying lots of money for specific baby based pudding or snacking products.

We were sent out the OXO Tot Roll Up Bib and On-The-Go feeding spoon plus 42 pots of Little Yeo’s in various flavours to try out and see what we thought.

OXO Tot Roll Up Bib & On-The-Go Feeding Spoon

Let me tell you a bit about OXO in case you haven't heard of them, OXO is an American company that specialises in making products that make everyday living easier for everyone, including young and old, male and female, left and right-handed and many with special needs. They’ve made 1,000+ products – all with a tangible improvement on aspects of everyday living.

Roll Up Bib features

  • Soft fabric is comfortable around baby’s neck
  • Wide, food-safe silicone pocket catches crumbs
  • Fabric rolls up into pocket for portability
  • Easy to wipe clean and machine washable
  • Bib provides ample coverage

The Roll Up Bib* from OXO Tot is a soft, comfortable bib with a silicone pocket. The top of the bib is made out of fabric to cover baby’s clothes; it has wide shoulders and closes at the nape of the neck with rip tape that is resilient enough to stop it being pulled off during mealtimes. The wide pocket is made with food-safe silicone and catches any stray bits of food or yogurt. The Bib  is perfect for using during snack time when we are on the go, as the fabric part of the bib can be rolled up into the silicone pocket and closed securely and there is no need to worry if you haven't got too much time to clean it down properly until you get home as any mess stays rolled up inside the bib - it also doesn't take up to much space which is an added bonus - if you have an overflowing change bag like myself! 

 On-The-Go Feeding Spoon features 

  • Silicone spoon feels soft on baby’s mouth, gums and face
  • Spoon is shaped for easy scooping
  • Contoured spoon handle is angled for easy feeding by you or by letting your baby feed himself 
  • ideal compact case for portability and to help keep it clean 

I love this perfect little spoon its great for weaning babies and it comes with its very own travel case. The shallow spoon is coated with super soft silicone which is gentle on baby’s mouth and gums, just what babies need when they are teething, the handle is contoured making it easy and comfortable to hold. It’s ideal for self-feeding as the shallow spoon stops your little one from loading too much yogurt onto the spoon and it doesn’t matter if Jack gets the spoon all sticky and messy in the process as when he had finished, you can simply put it back in the travel case roll it up into the bib and that way you remember to wash them all when you get back home.

It has to be said I am a big fan of both of these products I love how practical and useful they both are they are very simple but as a mum I have found they made my life so much easier definitely a lot less mess, and I love that when Jack has finished you can just roll it all up together and go, not only that both the spoon and the bib are of a great quality so they are going to last for a very long time.    

Little Yeo

Let me tell you a bit about Yeo Valley, Yeo Valley Are a family owned business and farm and are the UK’s no.1 organic dairy brand, they make a variety of dairy products and we got to try their Little Yeo’s range. The yogurts are perfect for weaning. They’re organic with real fruit puree and no added sugar! 

The green pack of Natural Fromage Frais is the the newest addition to be added to the Little Yeo range, you can mix in with other foods, like soup, stew, mash, homemade pasta sauce, chopped egg or tuna sandwich fillings. It’s also good for adding to porridge or breakfast cereals to cool it down, which is an excellent idea as waiting around for food to cool down when baby is hungry, which Jack is almost certainly it can be very stressful.

Little Yeo's are widely available in lots of supermarkets including Tesco, Morrision’s and Sainsbury’s , the price is great too starting at £1.00 for a 6 pack. You can find out more about Little Yeo’s over on there Website Here

The Taste 

Jack isn't a particularly fussy baby he really loved every flavour , I had a sneaky spoon or two my self and I must admit they are really nice quite thick in consistency and creamy packed with lots of taste, I love that they have no added sugar, Little Yeos are perfect for puddings to add to dinners my older boys loved them to they fit just right as a lunch box snack or a snack for a weaning baby they are an all round versatile product something all the family could enjoy.

We loved both the OXO tot bib and spoon and the lovely Little Yeo range a big thumbs up from both myself and Jack we will certainly be continuing to purchase these in the future, what are you favorite snacks? have you tried any of the Little Yeo range? I would love to here your thoughts? 

we were sent the Little Yeo range and the oxo tot spoon and bib for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own.

Monday, 9 November 2015

A memory with Cravendale #MilkDrinkersMilk

Memory's come in all shapes and forms throughout life, whether they are good bad or a part of you they are what make us who we are, they are what strengthens us as people, but there are some things in life that no matter how long ago it was since you heard a particular song a particular smell a particular life quote it takes you back to remember a special moment, a special memory but what if one thing could make you remember lots of moments lots of laughter, lots of tears, lots of life.

This is my story of some life moments that I remember you for.

When I came home from the hospital with my first baby you were there for me soft warm soothing my tired moods you offered comfort in my moody baby blues pacifying the sleepless nights. You were there when my baby moved from powder to to cows milk, sending him into a long dreamy sleep, full, smiling and happy a baby drunk on his milk.

We woke up to you on fresh crisp autumn mornings fueling us for a morning walk keeping jack frost out of little tummy's giving the boys the energy they needed to make it through till lunch.  

You were there when there for me when there were bad times, you were there when I lost people I loved, you were there through the dark nights when I silently cried on my own, smooth, comforting and silky you helped to alleviate my evenings of there darkness with your sweet smelling aroma helping me to sleep giving me the strength to face the next day.

You were always there watching, you were always there listening, you were always there comforting silently with no opinion, memories I always remember when I look at you, when I smell you warm or cold, fresh glossy, and airy, you always brighten my day I remember memories of the past and look forward to all the memories of the future we have to make together .

Cravendale, is the milk drinkers milk drink its a lot lower in calories than most adult drinks around   Cravendale is filtered so it gives you a really pure taste this milk really isn't just milk and with Cravendale its white smooth silky and fresh tastes great hot or cold. You can make memories that wont just last a day they will last a life time.

This post is an entry for BritMums #MilkDrinkersMilk Linky Challenge, sponsored by Cravendale

you can follow @Cravendale over on twitter to find out more.


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Halloween with Sainsbury's 2015 #Review

Have you seen all the fabulous Halloween costumes in Sainsbury’s this year? they have a wonderful array of spooky costumes for all the family.

This autumn Sainsbury’s are offering a host of creepy character costumes for every member of the family (even the dog!) and is making Halloween safer for shoppers as all dress up products now meet the British Nightwear Flammability Standard, which is the highest level of testing in existence.

Liam and Adam have been very lucky and have been sent one costume each so we could show them off here on the blog for you. After last years events with children's fancy dress costumes last year, you may remember was a lot of talk in the press about fire safety. As a result, Sainsbury’s announced in May that this year they would be carrying out a full safety review of all their Halloween costumes. Sainsbury’s have looked at every detail of their children’s dress up range to improve safety, going over and above what is required by law. Now they are proud to confirm that all children’s dress up outfits sold in stores and online meet the British nightwear flammability safety standard, the toughest standard that currently exists. Such a fantastic step to put parents minds at ease, as I’m sure you will agree!

We were sent these two spooky costumes for the boys to try out Adam had the bat costume, I love the quality of it and the material is quite thick for a costume so whilst you are out and about you can be sure they will be warm, the costume has an amazing hidden pocket so they can either keep there hands warm or hide some treats. The second costume is the tuxedo zombie costume, it comes with a top hat and glow in the dark mask which Liam loved. I also loved them both they definitely stand out from the crowd and they are both priced at reasonable supermarket prices with the reassurance that they are safe to wear.

Thanks Sainsbury's for sending us these spooky costumes the boys cant wait to wear them for there party!

 We were sent the fabulous costumes for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own.  

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