Sunday 24 November 2019

AD- Party time with Zuru Bunch O Balloons - Review

I don't know about you but children's birthday parties can become stressful organising party bags blowing up ballons not only can it be stressful it can become expensive especially if you overdo it like I have done in recent years with party bags  I have learned that party bags don't have to be stuffed full a toy something to eat and a peace of party cake is quite sufficient enough for any child.

The good news is ZURU have thought of everything you need to make a mums life simple which is music to my ears they have thought about everything from the ballons to the goody bags and even has the main birthday gift covered as we found out recently for Adams 8th birthday.

Balloons Balloons Balloons 

We have always invested in ballons for birthdays/ Birthday parties, Christmas, Easter well most occasions if I'm quite honest, most kids absolutely love Ballons admittedly in recent years I have tried to where possible just buy the one foil Balloon because of im quite aware of the environmental impact of plastic on the planet. This is where Bunch O Balloons is an Amazing idea not only is all the packaging recyclable the Ballons are reusable how good is that? A better idea for the environment and also means you can put them away for the next celebration occasion in the house which means you are also saving yourself money.

In simple terms, these ballons look and feel like normal ballons but they can be used time and time again. How does it work you might ask? you simply attach the Ballons to the pump press the button and you have up to 40 Ballons in 40 seconds once the 40 seconds are up you switch off the pump, the ballons self-seal and you are left with a fabulous bunch of balloons that have taken minimal effort and a minimal amount of time.

Our main focus of these ballons was for Adams birthday however the list that you could use this pump for is endless parties Christmas anniversaries christenings and weddings I also like that the pump comes with different attachment heads meaning you can use it to blow up inflatables as well I cant wait to use it on next years paddling pool no more leg pumping for me I can't tell you how happy that makes me!

Party Bags 

As I have said earlier in the post, party bags don't have to be expensive a toy something to eat and a piece of cake is quite sufficient I had the cake and sweets covered and Zuru has come up with the idea of putting a smasher into the bag for that little bit extra. now it probably comes as no surprise the boys love smashers they like to keep and collect them all they get to smash the egg and reveal the hidden dino inside I love that you can rebuild the eggs and smash them over and over again!

The Main present 

ZURU have really thought of everything to make birthdays as easy as possible for us parents they sent us a ROBO Alive Dino for the main present which was an immediate hit. It walks and roars and a chomps it’s jaws, not to mention to glow in the dark claw marks on its side. A great gift for any dino mad kid and one that is is already well-loved.

Zuru range makes party planning really simple. The self-sealing balloons and pump saving you a lot of time, the smasher's dinosaur eggs are great for party bags you could even use them as a pass the parcel gift that all the friends will love to play with and could collect together. The Robo Alive dinosaur is a fantastic interactive toy that makes a fantastic birthday present. We absolutely love the Zuru and Bunch O Balloons range, they're all fantastic value for money.

All of the Zuru range is available to buy at Smyths nationwide. The great thing about their products is that they’re reusable and recyclable too.

Bunch O Balloons Party Pump including 16 balloons and one inflatable adaptor and fast fill hose retails at just £14.99

Bunch O Balloons Self-Sealing refill pack retails at £9.99

Zuru Robo Alive Dino retails at £12.99

The Smashers dino eggs retail at £3 each.

**We were sent these products for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own 


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