Saturday 24 August 2013

Its to early!

Good morning I can not believe it is Saturday again, Saturday has always been my cleaning day pretty boring to most but it is and I like routine so that's what I stick with also the boys are much better with routine they know what they are doing. We have already actually been up a couple of hours and i have started Ironing the boys have eaten and are actually playing nicely with there cars and zoo but the weather looks rubbish! So its the last of the bank holidays this weekend we have no active plans as of yet What plans do you have?
The x-factor starts soon! Why am i telling you this? you know where this is leading don't you! Dare i say it..........
Christmas will be here before we know it, I always use the X-factor as my countdown to Christmas even though once you get through the auditions part of the show I find it quite boring!
now I am a forward planner I like to be organised i have already started buying a few bits and hunting down bargains for Christmas! I know what I would love from the man with the red coat, I would love a camera it doesn't have to be all singing all dancing as I am not super savvy with new technology in fact I am a bit of an all round techno phobe however I am uploading everything with my phone at the minute and the quality is not that great, So whats on your Christmas wish list? Are you a last minute shopper or a collect all year round person?
That is my thought of the day what are you thoughts id love to hear them.

 until next time Helen x


  1. Morning Helen its way to early lol,i collect things the whole year round.Oh well off to tackle my blog this morning :-) catch ya later

  2. Saturday is my cleaning day
    I class X-Factor being the countdown to Christmas as well...This year is flying over!!
    I've been collecting presents since January...I enter a lot of competitions online and have been so lucky to win a lot of things for my girls....I will start to buy stuff too when there birthdays are over with in the middle of Septemeber


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