Thursday 12 September 2013

Our final full day

Well I cant actually believe a week has gone that quickly! were going home tomorrow back to reality I do not think the boys are going to be impressed but we have made the most of our final day! It was a bit drizzly this morning so we started off our day in the indoor soft play area the boys had fun jumping and running around like they had never been out before.                                   

    Liam enjoying the indoor play area

Adam enjoying the play area

 Playing with the big blocks

By the time we had finished in the play area the sun had made an appearance hurray! So we had a walk down to the beach with the spade they both could not wait to get onto it, they ran all the way along the wooden slats between the sand dunes to get there poor mummy jogging behind with the pushchair!

The Beach

As you can see the beach was completely water logged but the boys loved it needless to say they both needed a full set of clothes after playing, but at least we managed to get on the beach! as for the spade Liam found a stick which seemed far more entertaining to play with.

We ended today in the club the boys bought some more bubbles with the last of there holiday money, before we were about to leave a lady came into the club with balloons so of course they both were asking for one, being as it was the last night of the holiday I said yes, the cost of the balloons £5 each I can not justify how they charge that much for a simple balloon, but its not like we go on holiday every week. So for now I have two shattered little boys fast asleep in bed.

expensive simple balloons


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