Thursday, 24 October 2013

A bargain haunting Halloween with Home Bargains

Halloween is Just over a week ago are you prepared yet?

How about taking a look at Home Bargains with over 300 hundred stores across the United Kingdom and lots of products available to buy online there is something for both mums and dads and lots of fun to be had for children. There is a lovely array of products available for "Trick or Treating" a spooky party or a bewitching night in watching a film.

We love Halloween and home bargains were nice enough to send us some of there fabulous items they have available for Halloween.

  glow fork great for being safe and seen when you are trick or treating they also look great! - 59p

How about a trick or treat collecting bag with a twist this is super large so fits lots of goodies in - 99p

Fun enter if dare door banner sets the scene for any Halloween evening - 69p

Novelty lollipops fabulous for a special treat in a little ones bucket/bag or would look great in a pot at a party to add something special!  - 59p

How about a witches hat a fabulous accessory to go with a fancy dress out fit great for any party

All the products I have been sent are all really high in standard and quality in fact I was surprised at how cheap the products were after I had looked at the prices, Home bargains have certainly lived up to their promise/ slogan "Top brand rock Bottom prices"

Home Bargains also have an array of costumes, masks, accessories face paints and party ideas both in store or online!

Halloween costumes and accessories all you need for Halloween in one shop 

Here are just some of the Halloween costumes available there really is something availible for everyone.

Over all I am very impressed with home bargains its not somewhere I would always remember to shop, However if you forget to go and look for things for Halloween here I assure you, you really are missing out on a treat, the store has rock bottom prices and the items really are quality, so dont miss out why not pop down to your local store and check out there fantastic Halloween selection you wont be disappointed.

To find out more about home bargains why not check out there website  
you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Home bargains sent me a selection of fabulous Halloween products for the purpose of this review


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