Wednesday 2 October 2013

Breathease Cleaning products #review

Following on from my last post, with over 5.4 million people suffering with Asthma in the UK,  Solent International have come up with a fantastic new range of cleaning products which has been especially designed for people suffering with Asthma and other allergies.

The product has been scientifically tested and has gone through extensive user trials with those suffering with the condition 90% of 126 have reported improved respiratory effects compared to there usual cleaner. 

Introducing to you Breathease


cleaning products to help prevent asthma

Breathease is the first UK cleaner to have earned the Asthma and Allergy Friendly accreditation and to work in partnership with Asthma UK. 
The products available in the range include, multi-purpose cleaner, kitchen cleaner, Bathroom cleaner, shower and tile cleaner, window glass cleaner.

I was sent four of the Breathease products to review, multi-purpose cleaner, Kitchen cleaner, shower & tile cleaner and bathroom cleaner. When they arrived the bottles and labeling are quite clear on what each individual product is for and its function. The bottles are all quite bright and the pictures on the front of the bottle correspond with the room the cleaners are for. They are all clearly labelled with the Asthma and allergy friendly logo. 
Breathease Kitchen cleaner; I have been using this all week mainly because I wanted to put the product to the test. I have been using this after cooking each meal to clean down the kitchen sides and the top of the cooker.

Now I must admit I am a bit of a cleaning freak so my
kitchen is never that dirty, with two small children and lots of germs about I like to know that its clean. So putting this product to the test, first of all the smell, I cant really describe the smell its like a fresh smell, Its not over powering, you know how some cleaning products kind of hit the back of you throat when you spray them or you feel like you have been eating them rather than cleaning with it, well there is none of that with this, the smell is quite mild and it doesn't linger it is the type of product you spray and then you cant smell it any more!

This was before using the kitchen cleaner

This was after cleaning, it was quite good at removing the grease from around the oven hobs



Breathease is easy to use         

This picture isn't the greatest picture but the cooker was sparkling after using Breathease 


Next up I tried the Bathroom cleaner I have purposely not cleaned my bathroom for a week I wanted it to be dirty, so I could see what this product could do.
After a week of not cleaning my bathroom the sink, bath and tiles were quite grimy water stained and dirty, its a good job not many people have been round to visit, so this is my dirty bathroom sink.


Before Cleaning

As you can see the sink is quite dirty, the plug looks like it seen better days too!

 The pictures below, are the pictures I have taken after using Breathease

After using Breathease I actually think the sink looks cleaner now than I have seen it for a long time. 

A sparkling sink!

The fragrance of the Breathease bathroom cleaner is pretty much the same as the kitchen cleaner smell. Often when I use cleaning products in my bathroom they make me cough and I get a headache, there is no window in my bathroom so the ventilation isn't that great, I have to say with this product there was no coughing I found it was again very mild and not to over powering like some products can be.

The shower and tile Cleaner again it was very mild in smell, it did remove the water stains and with a bit of elbow grease removed the stains off the tiles from around my cooker, although I think I didn't leave it on just quite long enough, for the grease to start lifting with out too much work!

Last but not least is the Multi-Purpose cleaner I love this one great for cleaning the kids table and high chair down after lunch, Plus for cleaning the doors and the skirting boards where the kids have dropped or thrown food and wiped there fingers all over them. Again a very mild cleaning agent but it does what it says on the bottle.

Over all I love the Breathease cleaning range, The products do what they say they do and are great cleaning products, but looking at the bigger picture and how serious asthma as a condition can be, preventative measures are crucial In looking out for your well being, this company has taken into account Asthma triggers and have done a fantastic job at designing a range of products to help prevent "Attacks" and to ease symptoms around the home. This product Is definitely worth buying and trying not only will it help improve your breathing around the home its also a great cleaner and all round great product.

To find out more about the Breathease cleaning range you can visit there website over at  and to find out more about Asthma you can visit Asthma UK 



  1. Great review thanks! As an insomniac, who cleans at 3am - I might give these a try! also suffer from OCD - and people ask why I am depressed!?

  2. I've not heard of these, I shall keep an eye out.

  3. Hmm… it looks like you really got into this product, Helen. Haha! But I can’t blame you though. Who would not love a product that’s tough on cleaning but not harmful to your health? Anyway, even though it claims to be asthma and allergy friendly, it wouldn't hurt to still wear some protective gear for safety reasons.


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