Friday 18 October 2013

Halloween - a bit of history

history of Halloween

We are now just over a week away from Halloween, as we all know it is known for glowing pumpkins, children dressed in scary outfits, having parties and knocking on doors saying,

"Trick or Treat"

But where did it all come from? have you wondered I certainly have.

Halloween started back when Celtic farmers believed in a season of life and a season of death, when spirits were believed to rise  from the dead and walk alongside the living. Ordinary Celts would wear costumes to confuse the dead. later on this was re-named all hallows day to honour all saints.

It was at first of course not wanted anything to do with by a lot of people but over time the cultural melting pot of America led to the modern birth of carved out pumpkins.

The custom had become firmly established in popular culture by 1952, when Walt Disney portrayed it in the cartoon Trick or Treat and UNICEF first conducted a national campaign for children to raise funds for the charity while trick-or-treating. Of course in America Halloween is a Huge celebration which masses of money is spent on every year. England is slowly following in Americas massive shoes and it is becoming increasingly popular with each year that passes.

Over the next week or so I am going to be introducing you to lots of different party ideas, fancy dress costumes, recipes, trick or treat sweets and some other ideas so hopefully by the time we get to Halloween you will be armed with plenty of ideas for the celebration!

For those that don't really like Halloween or celebrate it I understand that not everyone agrees with it or at least the "Trick or Treat" part I have some other fabulous posts ahead, hopefully something for everyone!     

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