Monday 7 October 2013

Hello all!

Hi all I have had a few days away from blogging just because autumn colds have really taken hold of the boys.
Liam started with a cold last week and Adam has still got a cold now, its been a hard last four days with Liam up at least three times in the nights coughing, Adam was up for half the night for the last two nights, I have had to revert to having the travel cot in my room just because Adam is coughing so much, he sounds more like a dog than a child coughing. He has also had a raging temperature and he climbed up on to my knee yesterday and just went to sleep bless him something he never does.
Adam being my great eater has practically eaten nothing since Friday so I know he must feel really unwell. We will be taking a trip to the doctors today see if his cold has fallen onto his chest, which I suspect it has.

I hope you have all been enjoying my blog so far, I am enjoying writing it, I am also enjoying reading all the lovely comments I am hoping to get round to replying to the rest of them over the next few days I really enjoy reading each and everyone of them so thank you.

I have some more lovely posts planned for the next week, So grab a cuppa get comfy and have a read......


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  1. Hope the boys get well soon, it's a total bummer when the children are ill (though they seem extra cute when they have the sniffles). Stay cosy and have lots of cuddles.


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