Friday 29 November 2013

Cherizena Christmas coffee #Review

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Recently I was asked to try a sample of Cherizena Christmas Coffee. Now I am not a huge drinker of coffee although I do enjoy the odd cup now and again, But when I was informed it was locally produced in Leicestershire I couldn't resist, I agreed I would try some.

This coffee is a limited edition available just for the festive season. It is a Colombian medium roast coffee infused with Jamaican rum, nuts, citrus and spices. Last year almost three quarters of a tonne of this specially flavoured coffee was sold.

I have had this Coffee sitting in the cupboard for a while and every time I opened the door there was the most amazing aroma, the coffee promises an aroma reminiscent of plum pudding you are sure not to be disappointed with this coffee.

When drinking the coffee there is a very subtle hint of mixed spices and I think you can also slightly taste the rum the coffee is very sweet and tastes delectable black or white I like my coffee with plenty of milk this coffee sort of reminds me of Christmas pudding Its delicious - let me tell you the kitchen really did smell of Christmas, I am very impressed with this coffee, you can really tell there is a fantastic quality about it, I really would say it is a premium brand well worth getting some in for the festive period.

The coffee is available as beans or ground, regular or decaffeinated, the Christmas coffee is delivered direct to the doorstep via mail order. The coffee is priced at £3.25 for a 115g pack which I think is very reasonable for the quality and taste. there is a vast amount of flavoured coffee to choose from such as vanilla nut, tennessee whiskey, salted caramel, chocolate orange and after dinner mint, so there is something for everyone Cherizena coffee would make a great gift for coffee lovers or a festive treat for yourself.

To find out more about Cherizena coffee you can find out more about them HERE you can also contact them through their Facebook & Twitter pages

*I was sent this lovely festive coffee for the purpose of this review all opinions expressed remain honest and my own


  1. Looks great, something I should definitely try out soon. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. My brother got my parents some 'Christmas pudding' coffee for Christmas this year. I think it had a nice taste/smell but left rather a strong after-taste! Bless him


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