Thursday 21 November 2013

Liam and School

I said a while ago I thought things were going well at school for Liam, I ask the teacher everyday how has Liam been today, I always get
 "yeah he has been fine",
Well that was until last week when I said How has Liam been today? and she replied that she thought he needed extra help in the classroom, Which of course I know! I cant understand why they tell you things as if you don't know your own child, I know Liam he has no concentration he flits and floats between activity's, he doesn't always turn around when you call him not because he cant hear you but because he chooses not to, I know he wont follow simple instructions again because that boy is so strong willed Liam just does what he wants, he really wont give in. I think as a parent I made a mistake and should have insisted he had a morning place at school instead of an afternoon place, as he is a child in which from the moment he gets up, he really doesn't stop and even though he is three I think he needs his sleep in the afternoon. I am not saying this is why he misbehaves but I don't think it helps.

The most frustrating part about Liam is that he is really bright, you can tell him a story only once and he will recite back what you have told him.
he knows most nursery rhymes and will tell you about diving, guy Fawkes night and Diwali he really does know a lot but he chooses not to, his lack of concentration and wanting to do what he wants seems to over power him sometimes.

I am going to speak to the school again because to be quite honest I think the teacher is coming to her wits end with him they don't quite no what to do next, I don't think they're helping things either, for example Liam came home with a sticker last week - for putting his coat on independently, yet at home I don't let him leave home until he has put his coat on, so he has been doing this independently for ages! Also in P.E Liam didn't want to join in, so they took him out of the hall and put him back in to the class room with the teacher for some one to one time, but then they will be telling me he doesn't want to do P.E at all, so you see I don't think they quite know what to do with him. but hopefully once I have had a word with them tomorrow.......again, we can start working towards some small changes which will show gradual improvements.              

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