Friday 29 November 2013

Winter Gardens

I love our garden through out the summer when the flowers have blossomed and the grass looks healthy, green and tidy But I hate It when the winter months creep in I always think that the garden looks pretty miserable although gardens through out the the winter are quite easy to maintain - but not if like me you hate the the cold which I do.

I think over this winter period I am going to get myself some indoor plants, they make the home look more cheerful. I used to collect Cacti plants when I was a child, I would love to collect some little ones to sit on my window ledge in the kitchen. I also love money plants who doesn't - if only they were real! and another plant that is lovely to have inside is the spider plant I remember as a child my mum had one and it had babies (they grow new shoots that you can re-pot them) my mum would re-plant them - we had a living room window full of them but they look great, it is lovely to see them re-produce it means you are keeping them healthy and well looked after.

care for your winter gardens

Although the garden and the outdoors do need looking after as a winter garden is just as important to maintain, so usually before the winter creeps upon us I will give the lawn the last cut of the year so it has room to grow looking after the grass is important and doesn't take to much maintenance usually for me that just means collecting leaves and debris that have been blown onto it, clearing any moss and pulling out any weeds that are popping through before they get out of control it helps to let your garden breathe and revitalise it.

I don't have a lot of plants in my back garden yet but I am going to make it my mission next year to add some amazing colour to it and a lot of fun, However it is really important to look after the plants that are already in the garden during the winter months the cold snaps frost and snow leaves on plants can become frost-bitten and their roots rot - you could try bringing them indoors or saving some of there leaves for the next season. If they are indeed staying outside you need to make sure you keep up with the pruning of them to keep them from dying out all together.

How do you prepare your garden for the winter months? and do you have any favourite indoor plants?

*This is a PR related post however all opinions remain honest and my own

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