Wednesday 11 December 2013

Christmas Decorations Indoor and Out

Christmas decorations inside and out

So last Thursday I attempted to put the decorations up whilst the boys were awake, however this

didn't go quite to plan as they were both running riot - over excited and lets say is was becoming more stressful than enjoyable, so I gave up and waited until the boys were safely tucked up in bed. I then set to putting the Christmas tree up - its a big one 7ft to be precise you will find me standing on one of the boys play chairs to decorate the top half of the tree (not recommenced of course!).

Normally I just have a tree but this year I have a few more decorative items such as ceiling d├ęcor and I also have some wall items, the boys have a personalised stocking each which makes the room look that little bit more festive. I still thought there was something missing so I have decided to put some extra fairy lights up this year; there is always an air of tranquillity when you have some flickering twinkling fairy lights it gives the room a little bit more warmth and makes it feel very homely.

While the indoors looks very festive, I have been thinking about what I can do for the front of the house. We haven't got a garden at the front, its just a drive way, but I could put some fairy lights around the window perhaps a festive wreath on the front door. They look pretty…I am not sure everyone would agree, but I think so anyhow.

I have also seen a few houses with potted Christmas trees either side of the door it makes the house look very grand, unfortunately I am not sure I could have that outside the front of my house - I would be worried someone would walk off with them. Then there is of course the option of putting the potted trees in my back garden, I could decorate them with some outdoor fairy lights it would make them and my garden look very festive and nice - nice however doesn't match the rest of my garden. It’s all getting a bit out of control! I do try to keep on top of the winter garden by pruning, picking up leaves and debris but I am not going to lie, the thing that stops me keeping on top of the garden is the cold - I hate it. Even just thinking about the frozen cold air or spending copious amounts of time outside, makes me shiver.

It would have been lovely if I could have got outside earlier to have placed some twinkling lights around the garden or to have tideid up and made it look more like a winter wonderland, the boys would have loved that. I always think of these things too late, but I am great at telling OTHER people what to do to prep their gardens for the freezing winter but not so good at taking my own advice. So to be quite honest at the moment the garden is a bit of a mess and with Christmas nearly upon us there is no way I am going to get outside to get it sorted out, time is hard to come by so I know that again it something that for this year, is going to have to be left as it is.


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