Monday 2 December 2013

Toys from Bandai #Review

Bandai toys have a wide range of Power Rangers toys, among other characters, and they sent us a Gosei Great Megazord to try out.

Boys gift ideas power rangers toys

NEW Power Rangers toys. So we begin the Power Rangers Megaforce toy line with the Gosei Great Megazord, and it is a strong toy to start things off with.

The Gosei Great Megazord comes with the Ranger’s five Mechazords: Dragon, Shark, Snake, Tiger and Phoenix. Each Mechazord is nicely sized and painted decently enough, while still missing some areas of paint. All the Mechazords also have multiple Zord Head Connectors, which come into play with future Megaforce Zord Vehicles. Also, all the connectors are coloured to match the Zord they are on.

Boys gift ideas power rangers toys

The Dragon Mechazord is the largest of the five, measuring 13 inches long, and having a wing span of about 13 inches. The Dragon also features the most articulation with it’s wings. The Dragon’s wings can be positioned into a wide variety of positions, thanks to Bandai’s various joints & pivot points in the wings.

The other four Zords are just standard in their movement and articulation. They are all meant to just be rolled across a flat surface. All the Zords have small wheels on the undersides, allowing them to roll smoothly across any flat surface.
Combining the Mechazords to form the Gosei Great Megazord is very simple. Starting with the Dragon, push the head & neck into the body. Remove the Dragon’s tail, open the tail and remove the Megazord Head, and close the tail to form the Megazord’s sword. Take the Snake Zord and turn the two joints clockwise until they click into place. Then turn the Snake head and turn it upward to form the head. Do the same with the Tiger’s head, thus forming another foot. Peg the upper half of the leg from the Snake into the Tiger Zord, completing the Megazord’s Legs. For the arms, take the Shark and split the back fin. Then take the Phoenix and fold the back wings down. Peg the Shark & Phoenix Arms into the Dragon. Now align the connector peg on the Snake with the connector opening on the underside of the Dragon. Push the two halves together, and the Gosei Great Megazord is formed. Now just take the Dragon’s tail, now the Sword, and place it in the Shark’s hand.

The completed Gosei Great Megazord looks quite nice. It stands just under ten inches tall. The legs can wobble a tad when the Megazord is held, but this does not hinder any of the playability, or overall stance of the toy. The arms can be turned the standard 8-point amount, and with the wings being able to be moved out of the way, you have a good deal of arm movement.

The connector pegs for the Gosei Great Megazord Arms & Legs are the same as the Samurai & Super Samurai Megazord line, as well as the 2010 Mighty Morphin Megazord. So anyone who has collected all the Megazords since 2010 can actually swap out all kinds of arms, legs and other parts, all to form new Megazord combos.
The toy also comes with two Power Cards. The Gosei Great Megazord and Gosei Great Grand Megazord cards are included. These cards will be able to activate sounds in the Gosei Morpher.
Overall, the Gosei Great Megazord is a good Megazord toy. 

This is a great Megazord toy, and one that should give children plenty of enjoyment. Between the standard play of the Megazord, and the future play of the Zord connectors, kids are sure to have hours & hours of fun with this toy.

Bandai have an amazing selection of toys this year that every child is going to be sure to love for example as well as power rangers they also have, BEN10

The action character above is wield the fiery force of magma with the red hot Ben 10 Omniverse Heatblast Action Figure.

Heatblast is a master of flame and has the power to create explosive fiery sparks and beams. What’s more, he can also shoot a deadly fire blade at alien enemies.

This poseable figure is 15cm tall and comes with a weapon accessory plus unique ‘shooting’ action.

They have toys for different ages and sexes to have a look at other toys in these ranges or if you want to ask them questions you can find Bandai toys on Facebook, Twitter and on there website

I was sent a few toys for the purpose of this review all opinions are honest and remain my own

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