Friday 14 February 2014

A week of sickness....

Normally I write a little round up on a Monday, but I thought I would write a little tonight. This week started off not too bad apart from the weather being absolutely awful and it doesn't seem to be going away, I also got my driving license back, I needed this for proof of address for my CRB check - as it was registerd at my parents im glad it finally came back so I have taken that into the hospital but it could be another month before I start - as you can see the beginning of the week was alright....

Then Monday night Liam started with a cough, a cough that was keeping the whole house awake for the whole night I was an exhausted mummy by Tuesday you know that feeling when your body wants to do things but your eyes just want to go to sleep well that's how I was feeling, although Liam was alright tired but not generally unwell. 

I had noticed Adam wasn't quite himself a bit off his food and whingy, I kind of put this down to, he must be getting what Liam has. By the time Adam had, had his tea he was crying saying he was poorly so out of the highchair he came onto the settee, as I went to the kitchen I heard a loud scream dropped what I was doing and went back into the front room, you guessed it Adam was vomiting everywhere poor little thing didn't know what to do, he looked so poorly it had drained the life out of him. That was my night about every hour I was with Adam rubbing his back and giving mummy cuddles the time on the clock hit around 4am, he eventually settled in my bed tempreture raging but the sickness seemed to subside.

6.30 came and Liam was up bouncing around for his breakfast, I was like a zombie but mummy was up and Adam was like a little dolly not moving very much his temperature still raging on, I managed to get some calpol down him but this didn't seem to have much effect, he was just crying when I moved him, I thought about not taking Liam to school because he was really tired and was still coughing but he wanted to go so I took him, poor little Adam cried all the way there and back although I had the raincover on the pushchair and he was well protected. 

 After we got back from the school run I settled Adam down on the settee, stripping him down into his vest he was like a little oven - temperature still raging on, he drifteted off to sleep in no time still obvioulsy feeling very poorly. He had been asleep for around half an hour when he woke suddenly, screaming, shaking and pointing into thin air, I have never heard him scream like that before I wasnt sure if he was hallucinating or if he was going to start fitting, I didn't know what to do I thought about ringing an ambulance but I rang the doctors they said they had no apptments, in that moment I decided to take him straight down to the urgent care centre at the hospital, he was shaking all over, as you all know I am a nurse, panic isnt something I do easily however I did I cried hugging him, telling him he would be alright it phsyically made me feel ill myself. 

At the hospital they checked all of Adams vital signs his pulse was high co-insiding with his tempreture which stood at 40.1 I dont know how much you know about temperatures but this is ridiculously high, they checked him over and gave him some more pain relief, a higher dose to help bring his temperature down and make him more comfortable as he was still saying he hurt, the doctors said it was just a nasty virus and to take him home it sounds like not much but he was really poorly.

That night he settled down in his bed quite early only to wake around an hour later screaming again like earlier, it was really horrible this waking and crying carried on un till the early hours of the morning, he settled in my bed again. 5.30 on Thursday morning Adam woke me up with his big eyes and a smile on his face and quite cheerfully said "moma I wanna my brekbrek" I hugged him and thought to myself  mummy just wants some sleep sleep!

As quckly as that horrible nasty virus got here it dissapered just as fast as it came and I was so glad he was smiling granted he wasnt 100% himself but rather him better than like he had been the day before.

Maybe when the boys are around eighteen I might get a good nights sleep oh and dare I say it a lay in! I guess a mummy's job is never done I think I will be awake worrying about them for different reasons when they are eighteen. You see my week has gone by so fast, to be quite honest I am glad to see the back of it.    

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  2. Our girls have colds at the moment an both are coughing. That's the worst things because the just can't settle when they're coughing so much. I hope you get some sleep! Thanks for linking up #binkylinky

  3. It is so scary when u don't know what's wrong. Better safe to get it checked. Temp was really high. Had my little one at Dr 's last week and was told no longer recommending calpol for a slightly raised temp, just let them get on with it. My response to that is get stuffed. It's like medicine 101, 'very' high temp can be really dangerous x

  4. Oh no! My littlest boy had a high temp this week too - there must be something doing the rounds because his twin seems a bit hot today too - fun times! Glad your little boy got better quickly. #binkylinky

  5. So sorry to hear about your tough week. I hope everybody is feeling better now, it's so difficult when they're under the weather. I hate seeing Potato ill too. He loses his zing ;(
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky


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