Saturday 15 February 2014

Nominate now! Mad Blog Awards 2014

The MAD Blog awards are a huge celebration of all the Mum and Dad blogs that work so hard to tell you the most intimate parts of there lives they share there best moments with you and there heartbreaking moments, they are dedicated to writing, creating, craft ideas, recipes and much much more.

All bloggers will stay up an hour later to give you tips on life and lifestyle and on products that can only be truthfully talked about from real life views. blogging is a dedication more than something you have to do it takes lots of time effort and patience and that's just what all Bloggers have got.

I haven't been blogging all that long, I have been opening my heart and life to all you lovely readers since August 2013 and I have to say I really do love blogging I am learning lots of new things, making friends and just generally really enjoying what I am doing, I have worked so hard to get my blog as it is now and like every single blogger out there I am dedicated to bringing real honest life content and product reviews.

I would absolutely love to be nominated for the Mad Blog awards 2014 (maybe best new blog as its still young), However there are so many awesome blogs out there I have put together a page at the top detailing some of my favourite blogs to help you along with the nominations.

MAD Blog Awards

Don't forget anyone can nominate - without nominations the Mad Blog awards wouldn't be here to help recognise all of the wonderful dedicated bloggers that exist today!

here is the link to nominate Mad Blog Awards 2014        

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