Monday 24 March 2014

Meal Replacement Powder from Superdrug #Review

slimming and weight loss with Superdrug replacement powder

With Summer nearly on our doorsteps and the summer clothes being dusted down ready to work everyone wants a quick fix when it comes to shedding a few of those extra pounds.

Meal replacement products offer a way to help us control our calorie intake, without having to worry about counting them for two meals a day. Ultimately, most plans provide around 1,200-1,400 calories each day.

Superdrugs own branded meal replacement powder contains 236 calories per serving - You simply make up and drink of the banana flavoured powder with semi-skimmed milk product twice a day and have this instead of your meal so you would have it for breakfast and Lunch - if you are hungry in between, you can snack on fruit.

For your third meal of the day, at teatime you need to eat a low calorie meal every day For the product to have any impact on weight loss. You also need to be drinking at least six to eight glasses of water or low-calorie drinks, including following guidelines for healthy weight loss, changing eating habits and becoming more active.

slimming and weight loss with Superdrug replacement powder

Superdrugs own branded powder comes in tubs that have enough powder for twelve replacement meals, which is just under a weeks worth of meals - the product comes in several different flavors, chocolate, strawberry and banana one tub is priced at just £4.99

How to prepare,
  • stir in four level measuring spoons (32g)
  • place into a glass with 250ml semi-skimmed milk
  • cover and shake the drink for approximately 30 seconds
  • your drink is then ready to serve

I haven't actually tried this out in terms of whether helps you to loose weight - purely because I am following another weight loss plan at the moment (It does have some great reviews on the website), however I did make up one of the drinks and tried it out from a flavour point of view, I found the drink quite mild in taste, I couldn't really taste the flavour of the banana, but you could really smell the aroma of bananas. Even though the meal replacement drink had a mild taste it was quite nice and felt quite filling I could imagine you wouldn't feel very hungry with these drinks, which is a good thing.

I think if I wasn't following another weight loss program, I would definitely try this for a quick fix before a holiday or a special occasion and with the price being as little as £4.99 and they are on offer at the moment 2 for £8 they are definitely worth giving a go! 

This Product is available to purchase from Superdrug along with the other flavors, to find out more you can visit the Superdrug website follow them on Twitter or Facebook

slimming and weight loss with Superdrug replacement powder


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  1. I've always been wary about meal replacements I don't think I could go without my food



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