Monday 3 March 2014

Monday is here again and a new month

The weeks are flying by and can you believe were into march, a whole new month hopefully this month will see more sunshine - definitely a high five to that!
The end of the month we have mothering Sunday - out of themed days that are around mothers day is up there amongst my favourites - for obvious reasons and it is quite late this year it falls March 30th.

I do have an all round busy month, I have my mums birthday, Liam is turning four which I cant believe my baby is growing up so fast, and then mothering Sunday.

I am still not currently in post in my new job yet the CRB check is taking forever - no its not because I have a criminal history its because the NHS just seem to take so long sorting these things out, it looks like I am going to be looking at, at least the end of march before starting, much to my disappointment!

This week I have some lovely posts coming up Tuesday is Pancake day and Wednesday is World book day, Two lovely days to look forward to this week, how will you be celebrating both or either?

Liam has a special fancy dress day at school for world book day, where they can go dressed up as a character from a book, we still haven't decided which he will be going as but I will let you know where my argument with a three year old is going to take us later in the week. Liam also has his last set of injections on Wednesday I am not sure how he is going to cope with that and then its off to the school on Thursday for parents evening - it doesn't seem five minutes since his last parents evening so who knows what that is going to bring!

Do you have anything planned this week? my weeks seem to get busier as the time goes by hopefully next week wont be so busy.        

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