Monday 14 April 2014

A simple Easter Hat, The Results

Last Monday I posted about how we made our Easter hat for Liam's parade. We were all set and ready, but a slight mishap or purposeful destruction happened on Tuesday evening when Adam in his temper pulled the beak of....

A devastated Liam sobbed his little heart out but between us we set to work to fix it, I decided that the triangle beak looked a bit harsh so using one of the boys dinner plates, I drew around some cardboard and made the beak rounded, it make the chick look a bit confused but perhaps not as angry as the first and we stuck the tissue paper back on.

We set off for school on Wednesday afternoon, Liam was insistent he wore his hat on the walk - it isn't really that far but on the way disaster struck Liam fell over on the way down the hill into school and the beak broke, I was beginning to think the hat just wasn't meant to get to the school for his parade, but luckily it was still attached on the underside with sellotape and the hat just looked as though it was going to talk to us.

We went along to the Easter parade, their were so many lovely and well made hats amongst the ninety children, made up of three classes, for each class there was prize's, first, second and third, myself and Liam's daddy watched as Liam braved the stage and did his little twirl, giving us a cheeky wave he really was so proud of his hat.

As they read out the results of the little competition, third place, it wasn't Liam, second place it wasn't Liam, they got to the first place and that was it he had done it they read out Liam's name, I was so proud of him as he almost ran onto the stage to collect his prize of an Easter egg - his little face was glowing, one of Liam's favourite sayings is "I never win" he was waving and trying to tell us he had won I had to swallow hard, I actually felt like crying, but tears of happiness its amazing how such a little thing when you have children can make you so proud. This time Liam is a winner!

winning Easter bonnet

As you can see I didn't make Liam wait until Easter to eat his egg he definitely deserved it and he shared it with Adam I am a very proud mummy!




  1. Awww what a nice story! Like you have to go through so many pobstacles cuz you are meant to win! Congrats! YOu both deserve to eat that egg now =) #MAgicMoments

  2. awwww what a sweetheart and to say that he never wins means that he obviously took it badly in the past. but what a fab hat and i am not surprised he won it looks brilliant! a worthy prize for a worthy boy x

  3. phew!! thanks goodness your good at crafty stuff! it looks super Helen x

    thanks for linking up with #Magicmoments x

  4. What a proud mummy moment! x

  5. Fab hat, no wonder he won.


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