Monday 21 April 2014

Clipper Tea the Perfect Sping/Summer drink #Review

Ever fancied the indulgence of whole leaf tea? Well Clipper is inviting you to enjoy the quality and taste of whole leaf tea in a perfectly formed Fuso Tea Tent – a triangular tea bag with plenty of space for the loose-leaf tea and delicious pieces of real fruit and herbs to move around.

healthy refreshing fruity tea from clipper

There are three new organic flavours to choose from; Raspberry Burst, Blackcurrant and Blueberry and Apple and Rhubarb. Existing Fairtrade Green Tea flavours will also be available; Green Tea, Green Tea and Lemon, Green Tea and Mint and Green Tea and Strawberry Pieces. All come in beautifully designed packs, which make them perfect for taking pride of place on the kitchen table or as a little gift for a loved one.

These delicious little tea bags are perfect for warm spring or summer days just the right size to pop into your bag to take on a picnic, barbecue or to a friends house they are packed with flavour and an amazing fragrance that will set your senses on fire and leave your home filled with fruitiness.

healthy refreshing fruity tea from clipper

I do love tea, but to be honest I have never tasted fruity tea before as soon as you take the teabags out of the packet you can smell the soft mouthwatering aroma of fruit the taste of the tea replicates the scent that is packed into this little tent I really enjoyed the tea - It wasn't what I was expecting at all the tea is bursting with flavor I liked all three of the flavours that I was sent to try.

They're all thirst quenching drinks and as I said they make the perfect drink for the spring to summer months. 

Clipper tea is available to buy in most large supermarkets you can also find out more information about them over on the Clipper Teas website on FaceBook or on Twitter

I was sent this tea for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own 


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