Saturday 12 April 2014

Look in my Letterbox 12/04/2014

This weeks look in my letterbox post isn't as exciting as last week I have had no nice goodies and I haven't won anything - although I have hardly had time to enter anything.

So my post this week is a bit of a moan really. The first letter I had was a horrible water bill, I am not actually sure when water got so expensive, but it has so that means cut backs at the end of the month.

My second letter was one from the benefits office - most of you know that just before the new year I got myself a job back in the NHS its my dream job where I have wanted to to work since I qualified as a nurse but the checks have taken them so long to work through I am still waiting now to start on the next "available" Induction week it feels like I have been waiting forever I have a childminder on stand by but goodness knows when I will actually start but with the Easter holidays here now it wont be until after that, so it looks like I am looking at May, so because they are taking so long I have to go and attend an interview to say what I am doing to look for a job - which means dragging the boys into town on Monday which I am sure is not going to be much fun!

Which brings me to my last letter I had this week it was from the Nursing and Midwifery Council, I don't know if you know this or not, but every year once you have qualified as a nurse you have to pay a yearly fee to stayed registered on a public document - if you don't pay your fees you cant practise, this costs around one hundred pounds a year, which I have already paid but I had my letter back to say I am all up to date and able to practise which I am glad about.

So that was my boring letterbox this week hopefully there will be a bit more excitement next week!

Did you receive anything fab through the post this week? I would love to know

Alice Megan



  1. Hope you have more exciting post next week #LIML

  2. Oh isn't it a pain when other people take ageeees to do things! Hope you get a lovely post surprise next week #LIML



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