Saturday 10 May 2014

Look in my Letterbox #wk10

Over the last few weeks I have been a bit rubbish with my blog and keeping up with the linky's that I had started to join in with, I really do love this linky, but I have been so busy with my life and trying to sort out for big changes (I will be telling you about them on Monday) I have barely had time to sit down and watch the television, let alone anything else but I am back on form, well trying to get ahead with my blog so that there is something to read everyday for you lovelies that are always stopping by.

Anyway I will stop rambling away and show you what I have had through my Letterbox this week its been quite a good one I have had a couple of wins and I have actually bought myself new makeup its really good!

The make up that I bought is Elizabeth Arden its the flawless finish foundation and some mascara - I have to say the mascara is really good it doesn't irritate my eyes, my sister always laughs at me because I am always saying that mascara makes my eyes tired, I think it is more that lots of mascara really does irritate me. These two bits are lush so I definitely recommend them I am in need of some other makeup bits that I have ran out of, I have them on order I will show you what they are next week.

As I said on previous posts I have not been entering competitions so much as I used to as I don't have as much time but I have managed to win myself a few little bits this week the first being a book from twitter and the second being a bundle of hair products although I am not actually sure where these have come from, but they were addressed to me with no note inside!

This week has been quite exciting hopefully I will have some more lovely things to show you next week as I am awaiting a few more bits through the post!

have you had anything exciting in your post this week? why don't you pop over and see what everyone else has been getting through there doors this week!

thanks for popping by....

Alice Megan



  1. That Tom gates book is really good. Loving the look of them hair products :)-

  2. I've never tried Elizabeth Arden make up I might have to give it a go!
    Thanks for linking up with #LIML


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