Thursday 8 May 2014

Slumberdown Anti snore Pillow #Review

Snoring affects around 40 per cent of the UK population and can not only have a big impact on your sleep but your partners too, with one in three British couples opting to sleep alone every night. That’s why leading bedding specialist, Slumberdown, has created the Anti-snore pillow, specifically created to help relieve the symptoms of snoring.

The soft, hollow fibre pillow has been specially designed with a ‘S’ shaped inner foam core which helps encourage better breathing by supporting the head and neck, and can therefore help to reduce snoring and improve sleep.

anti-snore pillow for a good nights sleep with slumberdown

The pillow is really comfy I found that it didn't really flatten after sleeping on it it was still very plump. I really love new pillows so the fact it was still plump after a few nights gets a big thumbs up from me! does the anti snore work?  I do snore, quite badly or so I have been told, although It doesn't affect me in terms of noise the only way I do know that I snore is that I wake up with a sore throat almost every day, after sleeping on the Slumberdown pillow I had one sore throat out of four nights sleep and it wasn't nearly as bad as it is normally when I am sleeping on my usual pillows. I really think it did help with my snoring I was very impressed by the pillow and its price.

Slumberdown’s Anti snore pillow is available from Tesco and to mark National Stop Snoring Week the pillow is on offer for £4.50, reduced from £6.00 (a 25 per cent saving) from 21 April to 12 May. For further information on the complete Slumberdown range visit:



  1. They sound great! My fella and I both snore....Could do with these. A great price too :)

  2. . I really think it did help with my snoring I was very impressed by the pillow and its price.
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  3. It's a good quality firm neck pillow. I am glad I bought these, it's really helped my partner snore less. The weird thing was that they arrived in SO much packaging, a huge box each!


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