Tuesday 17 June 2014

Our Little Secret - Tikka Masala Dine in Kit #Review

As you all know around a month ago I started my new job, well by the time I get in from work I am usually tired and hungry and to be quite honest I really don't want to be spending hours in the kitchen cooking, I want to eat something that is ready fast - yes I know what your thinking we could all do with a live in chef! but from a practical point on view, I want to be able to make something that is going to be ready in less than half an hour.

chicken tika easy to cook family meal

Our little secret is a new range of meal kits, cooking sauces and micro-meals that are family friendly and offer easy to prepare meals with Indian, Oriental and Mediterranean Flavours. I tried the Tikka Masala Dine-in Meal Kit

On the box its ready in less than twelve minutes - " breaths a sigh of relief" so its quick and easy let me tell you about it and what I thought of the taste of the kit. The meal kit includes dry spices, paste, sauce and rice, all vacuum packed so that all you need to add is the meat or vegtables of your choice.

The whole range has a handy chilli rating on the front of the pack so that you can choose a recipe to suit your palate - this one has two out of three chillies and was already pretty hot so be prepared to add some extra cream to cool things down if necessary. and there is an easy guide on the front of each pack so you can see quickly and easily the nutritional content of each pack.

Our Little Secret have really easy to understand guidelines on the back of each pack so you can follow each step - you really don't need to be a chef to be able to put this fabulous dish together its simple!

The packaging promises an effortless meal and that is exactly what you get as everything apart from the meat is in the box. You just chop up the meat of your choice - I went for chicken but you could also use lamb, fish, prawns, pork or your favourite vegetables - leave to saute for 2-3 minutes then add the paste and the rest of the sauce cover and simmer for 5-6 minutes or until the sauce has thickens up.

The rice which is in the box as well is done separately taking just two minutes in the microwave - and there you have it a fantastic higher end gourmet dinner in less than fifteen minutes, fantastic don't you think!  

chicken tika easy to cook family meal

The meal took around fifteen minutes to prepare and it was really delicious. I was very impressed at the quick and easiness of the meal even though I thought at a glance of the packet I thought it would be more difficult. The tikka masala tasted delicious, I didn't actually add anything extra to this kit and I was a little worried it might be on the hot side but to be honest I thought it was actually quite mild and I really enjoyed tucking into it when I had finished work. The kits cost £3.49 and the sauces are priced £1.49 which I think is a great price.

Our Little Secret is currently available nationwide in Morrisons and Makro.


I was sent this product for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own.


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