Tuesday 21 October 2014

24 weeks #Pregnant

This week baby should have grown to be as big as an ear of corn, he should be around 30cm long his skin still remains thin and translucent - but as weeks go by this will change twenty four weeks I think for any mum to be is a great milestone to have got to in pregnancy as policy's in the united kingdom state that if your baby is born anytime from twenty four weeks onwards, baby will be taken to neonatel care and the pregnancy is viable meaning that baby can survive from now with medical help.

24 weeks pregnancy journey

There is of course the evergrowing debate that babies should be tried to be saved from younger than twenty four weeks however for the time being the rules remain the same doctors wont do anything until babies get to this stage.

This week I have really noticed a change in babies movements he is beginning to have periods of being awake and being asleep, he is mostly awake when its time for me to sleep, lets hope this changes when he is born! he is a real wriggler he likes to stretch and move up into my ribs making it uncomfortable for  me sometimes. My health this week I feel alright mentally but physically, My SPD pain has got worse with the baby growing bigger and I actually feel like I have been kicked between the legs and daily there are things that I struggle with, things that you normally take for granted, I guess this pregnancy has made me see things from a completely different perspective.

Sleeping ..... Sleep is for wimps - not much of that is going on at the moment I don't really get up to go toilet in the night, but since baby is moving more, he is keeping me awake and with the boys not sleeping that well either I definitely spend a lot more time awake and yawning!

Cravings - I quite like whispers but I am very partial to chocolate anyway so I wouldn't say its a craving I would say no cravings really yet.

Clothing - yep I can say none of my normal clothes fit me now and I am yet to invest in some decent maternity wear, their is something about spending money on clothes that are going to fit me for a few months that a resent, but I think I am going to have to invest in a coat now the winter is really on its way!

How are you getting on in your pregnancy do you have any strange cravings or anything you would like to share? I would love to hear any thoughts you have.



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