Friday 7 November 2014

Memories of the past and modern day Delight #AngelDelightMoments

Memories of the past

Picture the scene, my mum has spent the afternoon on a Sunday Ironing in the kitchen and cooking up a home roast and my Dad is out fishing for the day a long term hobbie of his, myself and my younger brother and sister have been watching one of the films that have been aired on only the four channels we had back then but by around 4.30 we are are all eagerly awaiting the return of my Dad with the distinct smell of a beautifully cooked home made Sunday roast floating in from the kitchen, our tummy's are growling. The sight of my Dad pulling up outside in his car, sends the three of us into an excited frenzy, happy to see my dad ....... he always has the same joke, carry my kit in the house for me of course we would all try and lift the bags and poles but we never could, my mum would be shouting from the kitchen hurrying him up, dinner was nearly ready, gathering at the table with laughter and stories from the day we would sit down to my mums lovely cooking. Once we had finished eating, one of us would speak up, "whats for pudding?"
Often it would be a bowl of Angel Delight, any flavour would do, Strawberry, butterscotch, banana or Chocolate we loved them all, quick easy to make and delicious in flavour we never complained in fact most of the time we got told off for running our fingers round the bowl making sure that every last inch of it had been safely deposited in our tummy's.

Angel Delight

Angel Delight has actually been around for a long time, since 1967 By the Birds company. I had no idea it had been on the shelves for that long, initially Angel delight only had one flavour available and that was Strawberries and cream but the company has since gone on to produce several different flavours in standard packs and sugar free. The flavours include, strawberry, raspberry, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Banana as well as their brand new flavour Bubble gum, which hit the shelves in Tesco stores up and down the country last September.

family pudding, desert angel delight

We were lucky enough to to receive a couple of packets of the great new Bubble gum flavour or Gubble bum as Adam is referring to it! which I have to say is delicious even for a hungry mummy, when I first heard that it was bubble gum flavour, I really thought that it would be sickly sweet but it wasn't sickly at all on taste, it was not to overpowering and sat just right after a big dinner, not to heavy on the stomach, the boys absolutely loved it not just the taste but the smell Adam was practically climbing up me to smell the contents of the packet.

A modern day Angel delight. 

With all the flavours that are available, there is a lot of ideas for how to jazz the desert up a bit after all this really is a desert that is versatile for any occasion, Ice lollies for the summer, you could add it into a trifle for Christmas, pop some sparklers in the top of them for bonfire night an evening of posh food with friends and this could make the perfect after dinner desert just by adding a couple of strawberries or bananas to the top depending on your preferred flavour of course!

family pudding, desert angel delight

However, our house is more inclined to excitable children than posh dinner parties. So a few weeks ago it was Adams third birthday and after a buffet tea, Bubble gum Angel Delight was the perfect way to finish the party Adam loves peppa pig and has a love for pink so he loved desert in this form, as did all the children, they loved the marshmallows and the fact that they could all have there own little personal pot I also made some frozen flower shaped Angel delight which were a great accompaniment, needless to say they didn't last very long at all.

family pudding, desert angel delight

I think my favourite thing about Angel delight apart from the flavour of course is the fact that it is really quick and easy to make, you simply put the contents of the packet into a bowl, add milk and pop it in the fridge and there you have the perfect desert fit for children and adults alike. 

Angel Delight a fantastic memory of the past and with a great new flavour I'm sure this is just a hint of memories for what the future holds.

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