Monday 29 June 2015

Things I wish I had known before becoming mum

When I think back five years ago to having my first baby Liam, whilst I was pregnant I think I was completely in denial about the harsh reality that was about to change our lives, no one can prepare you for the chaos that bringing a baby home will bring, whether it is your first baby or third they turn a household into mayhem even though all the do is eat sleep and poop!

I remember at the time of being pregnant with Liam, I had friends that had just had babies, I remember them moaning about sleep deprivation, there boobs hurt, how horrible the birth was, there baby was teething and how it was difficult to find a spare moment to themselves never mind having a shower uninterrupted!

I actually thought none of this was ever going to apply to me, I was going to be organised... the perfect mother with the perfect baby that was an angel.

After over a week in hospital an emergency C-section and three days at home with a baby that cried a lot the alarming realisation set in I was very wrong.

There are so many things that I would now do differently and I do, do some differently with my third born but even still now its a huge learning curve, but from the first year of there life, these are the things I wish I knew before becoming a mum. 

things you should know before becoming a parent - mum

  • Waking up at 7am is considered a lay in.
  • There are days when you will miss being at work because its easier.
  • "Me time" is a phrase that is mainly used if you actually make it to the toilet do your business and get out alone.  
  • The terms Holiday, feeling ill, bank holiday or Weekend no longer apply to you.
  • Take A photo everyday no one tells you how fast the time goes by.
  • It doesn't matter how good your baby is it will always take it will always make other relationships difficult.
  • It doesn't matter how often you you have been up through the night or how grumpy, tearful or naughty your child has been your partner working full time will always insist he is more tired than you. 
  • No Matter how much Ironing you do the pile never seems any smaller.
  • You will have the washing machine on everyday!
  • Babies really don't do much in there first six months.
  • Don't spend huge amounts of money on them while they are a baby........they will definitely prefer a card bored box.
  • "sleep is for the weak" this is not true, the actual sleep deprivation that new babies and children bring is actual torture.
  • There is no other job in the world you can work 24 hours in a day and realise that one smile from your little bundle makes it all worth while, children are rewarding and an adventure every day.

Can you think of any more to ideas? what would you would add? 


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  1. This list is funny because it's true, and parents have to laugh at themselves (or someone else will laugh at you.) I am proposing three additions:

    1. Handbag literature will be by Carle, E. or Murphy, J. or any other author who writes in the same genre.

    2. You will refer to the repair status of cars, computers, etc. in terms like "It's poorly" or "It's better, now."

    3. Photographers who love the dusk refer to the time between sunset and darkness as 'magic hour'. For you, 'magic hour' will be the time between the first steady (albeit temporary) somnolent breathing of your little one, and the time when *you* (also temporarily) crash out, yourself.

    Thank you!


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