Friday 26 June 2015

Whats In my changing bag?

Have you ever wondered what other mums keep in there changing bags? I always wonder if it is the same as myself or something unusually different, or do they have any secrets that I haven't heard about yet. I think I am actually very nosey and that's why I find it intriguing. 

My changing bag is in actual fact very boring, it contains the bare essentials, because there are so many essentials I need. Having three energetic little boys always makes me think about the "what ifs", even though I only have one baby that really needs a changing bag, the bag its self is kitted out for three. The bag is weary and worn, but I have had it since Adam was little and a new baby is expensive its just one of those things that I could make do with until it needs replacing.

packing a changing bag for three young children

The Contents;

  • Baby wipes, couldn't actually live with out them they come in handy for so many different reasons bums, faces, hands, wiping down clothes, coats, tables you name it they get used for it.
  • Nappies, I always have a good supply in the bag "just in case" and take what I need depending how long I am out for.
  • Scented Nappy bags, useful for the obvious dirty nappies, but come in handy for dirty clothes or rubbish as well.
  • Sudocrem, I swear by the stuff I always use it after each bottom change and you can use it on things like sunburn, stings and bites.
  • Changing Mat, this actually came as part of the bag but comes in handy when I have to go to places that don't have changing facility's or just to lay on the top of the changing areas.
  • Scissors, they always come in handy for nails, or to cut tags off clothes if the boys might need something new or if I need to cut a plaster of the strip which is likely. 
  • Plasters, The two older boys are always falling over in fact sometimes they will be stood in the same spot still and will fall over there own feet, plasters get used a lot!
  • plastic pots, (The two pots with the green lids) these are used to count Jacks milk into, meaning I always have the right amount of milk to tip into his bottles.
  • Bottles, already sterilised usually already filled with water so they just need heating up.
  • Calpol, just because you never know when the boys are going to get a temperature or be ill, and I guarantee it would be the day I forgot to take this with me!
  • Oral syringe and spoon, to give the Calpol with.
  • Snacks, I always take some sort of snack whether it be crisps, apple, cereal bars anything really because the boys are usually hungry if we have an appointment to attend or a long bus journey.
  • Juice cups, I always take these as its really important to keep children hydrated and they are usually always thirsty.
  • Change of clothes, I always take a clean set for all three because the boys always manage to find dirt, puddles and get there dinner down them selves. if you keep the clothes items rolled up they take up a lot less space so there is room for other items.
  • Bibs and mittens, Jack is begining to teeth so his gloves are always in his mouth and they get soaked so a few pairs of scratch mittens is always useful and the bibs are for when he has his milk and to keep his clothes dry.

That's it, I shouldn't say that's it really! because if I need to put many more Items in my changing bag I am going to be dragging a holdall round with me it is a mini mission!.
The only things I haven't included are items dependent on the weather, obviously I take sun cream and caps in the warmer weather, hats gloves and scarves when it starts to get cold and If I know that I am going to be in a rush I buy the little pre-made milk cartons (they're expensive) but convenient. At the moment Jack is still having just milk but once I start weaning him there will be more little pots for food and there will also be his cutlery items.

 What are your changing bag essentials?

This is my entry into the Pink Lining Ambassador Search,


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  1. It's been a while, but mine were the same as yours. I ended up using a shoulder bag that could be hooked over the buggy. The rucksack I originally bought and wore on my back kept getting things caught on it when I was out and getting used to the size of me and the buggy. After I nearly walked out of a shop with stuff attached to it, I got rid off it


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