Monday 10 August 2015

#Weaning week Ella's Kitchen The first food book #Review

If you want to have a go at cooking your own baby meals there is no better place to start than with Ella's Kitchen, The first food book "The Purple One" not only is it a recipe book, but all the way through there are top tips on how to start weaning your baby what foods to give them and when to start introducing lumpy food.

Ella's kitchen babies first food book of weaning

The book is actually fantastic - I am not really a book kind of person, but this recipe book is really easy to use, the book starts with purees and works all the way through to toddler meals and finger foods for older children.

At the beginning of the book there is an introduction page it tells you all about weaning and some great advice and tips, this follows through the book and there is an introduction at the start of each stage of weaning which tells you things like which foods the baby can start to try, how much on average they should be eating and other useful hints and tips for that stage. The book also has a really helpful weaning chart that you can stick up on your fridge or wall as a quick weaning reference when your cooking. The chart includes a really nice section where you can record all of you babies weaning milestones and food preferences.

The Recipes 

There are no weird recipes in the book or ingredients that you will have trouble finding, the recipes are mainly things that you would always have in the cupboard so no need to go out spending copious amounts of money on things haven't heard of which is often the case in a lot of recipe books.

Ella's kitchen babies first food book of weaning

The Recipes are really simple to follow I love that they have a little clock next to them so you know how long they will take to prepare and cook, it also tells you how many portions that the recipe will make or how many ice cube trays it will take up so you could make your little one meals in batches to last the whole week.

There are a variety of recipes too choose from in each of the weaning sections something to suit everyone, there are your basic fruit and veg purees to pies curries and pastas a lot of the recipes that are further on through the book could be used for the whole family, I love that the book is so adaptable and has so much helpful information.

I had a go at cooking the oats, banana + mixed spice the preparation time states in the book five minutes and the cook time ten minutes the recipe took me just a little over five minutes and the cook time was as stated, I wasn't sure about the mixed spices as it smelt quite strong, But Jack really enjoyed the meal and I really enjoyed that I had made the recipe myself I felt a sense of fulfilment.

I have to say this has got to be my favourite cook book, just because of how busy life can be and this book makes cooking really simple its a great way of knowing your little one is getting something healthy to eat, I can honestly say I am looking forward to Jack growing with this book and cooking more of the lovely recipes found within it.

The First Foods Book from Ella's Kitchen retails for £14.99 which, in my opinion, is great value for money as this book will last us way into the toddler years.

Visit Ella's Kitchen on their website here to see their full range of Cook Books.

Ella's kitchen babies first food book of weaning

I was sent a copy of this fantastic recipe book from Ella's Kitchen for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own.


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