Wednesday 7 October 2015

12 types of men you will meet on a dating site

I'm a single mum sometimes the nights are lonely - I'm not gonna lie its so quiet sometimes even the sound of my own voice makes me jump and the boredom ugh so joining a dating site or two seemed the right thing to do in this day an age its all about being a bit tech savvy and there is nothing wrong with window shopping! don't get me wrong I wasn't really looking for a relationship or anything heavy but having different people to talk to makes the night go quicker and you never know do you, I could meet prince charming if he actually exists or I could just meet more of the 12 types of men I have found so far (hopefully there is no more)!

12 types of men you will meet on a dating site

  1. The Copy and paste man - When you read his first message you will think wow what a nice guy and after re-reading his message you will realise its perfect with no errors, however somehow it wont sit right, in some stupid way they will make a mistake like saying you have beautiful blue eyes when actually you don't even have blue eyes and that's when you realise they have copied and pasted the message to half a dozen women .... hmmm not as spacial as I thought I was.
  2. The cheese Monster - This will be the man that uses every cheesy chat up line going - he might say something like, are your legs tired because you have been running around my mind all night, it doesn't get much cheesier than this guy, definitely time to move on swiftly!
  3. Romeo - This man will make you feel like you are the only woman to have walked the planet, you will feel amazing and beautiful - the trouble is as soon as he has got you eating out of the palm of his hand he will already be talking to his next victim.
  4. The sex mad - This will be the man that sends you the horrible messages you can barely bring yourself to read or worse he will send you a picture of his male bits, well lets face it all he wants is one thing sex, yuck, wrong wrong wrong! 
  5. The cocky one - This is the man with the great body, that you cant take your eyes off you read down his profile and see he has a fantastic career, the trouble is his personality stinks all he wants to talk about is himself......... yawn
  6. Mr try to hard - He will agree with everything you say, and be so grateful you started talking to him, he will probably constantly remind you of how much you have in common - but its just annoying 
  7. The Comedian - This man will have you crying with laughter from the moment you speak to him, everything you say he will have a quick witted response - you may finding yourself intrigued for a few days then the jokes just get down right boring and repetitive!
  8. The I'm already in a relationship man - These are the ones you need to watch out for the most, they will be normal, always have time for you say the right things but after some digging things will start to not to add up in there lives, I think as a woman we have a sixth sense for these shady dudes. 
  9. The Nerd and shy - This is the guy that is unfortunate in looks or is trying to express themselves by making them self look different to everyone else in the hope that someone will except them for who they are - this man will be the type that will always be confused about what he wants = he is confused to be honest so am I!
  10. The Sugar Daddy - He will still be young at heart things he is 50 going on 20 he will ignore the restrictions on age limits on your profile and when you say the age gap is to big he will always reply with "oh but age is only a number" Or "its only 100 years" really guys some people like older men but the age restriction is there for a reason. 
  11. The Worker and traveller - This man's profile will have a thousand photos of him skydiving travelling in a helicopter and in the desert. He will rarely say no to hard work, overtime, travelling, and lead a tedious life. They always prefer their work commitments over their relationships with females. except of course there mum who they still live with and is probably the only relationship they have ever had - honestly beware.
  12. The Life long partner - This is lets face it going to be herder than I thought and the chances are slim however whether it is online dating or face to face dating relationships of any sort are always going to be complicated.      

Sorry if the offends the males out there but unfortunately I’m only experienced in terms of men. If you’re a man and you want to know about how women are, I think these are all probably somewhat similar although you may be able to place a few more categories. Wish me luck on my quest!!

How have you found online dating? Would you ever take it up? I would love to hear your thoughts?


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  1. Over 8 years ago I met my fella through online dating! hehehe Sometimes it works out well! I remember coming across quite a few of these... x


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