Thursday 15 October 2015

Jack at 8 months old

This month has seen Jack really picking up the pace in his movement this month, he isn't crawling as such but is doing an army style move on his elbows and rolling but he is really fast he certainly knows how to get to things now, I have to watch him like a hawk because he has mastered picking up little bits and putting them in his mouth, this is everything bits of fluff hairs crumbs everything goes in.

Jack has started having three meals a day now but is still having bottles, he is even managing a sandwich at lunch time, yet he still doesn't have a tooth in his little mouth.

He is also recognising  people and comes back to me when I call his name he loves to be cuddled and played with and he loves to know whats going on his little head is turning all the time to see what his big brothers are doing.

He hasn't changed in his personality he laughs at everything he is so happy and rarely ever cries only if he is tired or wants feeding.

although he has started babbling normally a babies first word is dadadada, but Jack is actually babbling mamamama I was very surprised but he is definitely saying it he has also started shouting ah whenever anyone else has food as if he is telling us off or he wants some he is so cute.

Baby Jack is growing so fast it feels like only five minutes since he has been born but he is such a lovely baby.


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  1. Gorgeous sounds like you are doing a great job as a Mumma .
    Ps thank you for your quick max review :) I would appreciate a public or a private inbox
    Me on face book if there are any restrictions on you commenting publicly 😜This busy Carer and grandma has no time or money to waste if it does nothing . Thank you in advance


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