Thursday 14 September 2017

Back to school and the illnesses are back

I haven't posted anything for the last few days and this is why, this week has been full of illness Jack came home on Sunday from his dads not feel very well at all with a high temperature and he was very wheezy so after giving him his inhaler and Calpol he settled down for the night but Monday morning he could hardly talk with out becoming breathless, off to the doctors we went where they said he had a really bad chest infection he was given a nebuliser, and a prescription for steroids and antibiotics Jack hasn't been to nursery this week, with being so poorly although he has been pretty quiet.

Back to school illnesses

Then Monday night Demi-Rose was up crying and when we got up in the morning she didn't wake up  we left her to sleep a for bit longer thinking she was tired, then when she was finally bought down stairs she started being sick goodness knows where she had picked up a virus from but I guess a lot of these viruses are airborne she was poorly all day then on Wednesday poor Eva-Jen started being sick and five clothes changes later she started to settle down a little bit.

I thought well at least its just the babies but then Wednesday night I should have known, Liam didn't eat hardly any of his tea and was very quiet, around ten o clock last night Liam started shouting me, now in the boys bedroom they have triple bunk beds and Liam sleeps on the top.

Back to school illness

He was physically being sick from the top of his bunk bed onto the floor so you can imagine the amount of mess it had made. I had to get all the boys out of there beds because the splash from Liam being sick had gone all over Jacks bed and it was all over Adams quilt this morning my washing pile is astronomical and I am currently typing this while the kids are all laying on the settees with there blankets keeping them comfort feeling sorry for themselves and I have just had a phone call from the school to say Adam has a high temperature and has fallen asleep on the carpet so the school knowing that all the kids are poorly have offered to give him a lift home wish me good luck because it doesn't look like my washing pile is going to be reducing any time soon one more child and it will be a full house, signs the kids are all back at school.


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