Sunday 26 November 2017

Ten tips for Passing your Practical Driving Test

Learning to drive is a huge deal, especially as you get older if you follow me regularly you will know I passed my driving test quite recently - it is the best thing that I have ever done especially with five children to get around now its tough on foot - however driving was just as tough to learn to do I have put together my top ten tips for passing your practical driving test. 

1. Practice, Practice, Practice.

It took me a few driving instructors before I found one that I was completely comfortable with, comfortable I don't mean a best friend, find a driving instructor that is friendly yet professional.
you could once you become more confident get a family member or friend let you practice in there car, however, I personally would just stick with the instructor but in case you want to learn with a friend or family member,It’s important to remember that the person who accompanies you in the car must be over the age of 21, be qualified to drive the type of vehicle you are learning in and must also have held a full driving licence for at least three years.

2. Learn the test routes.

Many people think that on the day of the test the driving examiner is the only one that knows the test route you will be taking this is not true at all the test routes can be found online try and study these and get plenty of practice on your practical lessons it will make things easier on your test also if there are any difficult junctions or roundabouts you will have plenty of time to practice them.

3. practice a manoeuvre every lesson,

I found manoeuvres all-around difficult. Somehow when you're going backwards it throws all your brain out. I made sure I practised at least one manoeuvre every lesson I hated them to start with but you have to do this on your test so practice, practice, practice you cant pass your test without getting a manoeuvre right.

4. Keep reading your theory books,

Once you have passed your theory test it's so easy to put your theory books down and not look at them again, I found that keeping reading my theory books it really helped me to learn about how the roads and helped me learn about signs and it really helped me with passing my test.

5. It’s OK to make mistakes

Obviously, there are some mistakes that result in an instant fail but some don't the driving examiner is going to be looking at how you deal with mistakes for example on the independent driving part of your test if you go the wrong way it doesn't matter as long as you make sure the car is safe and you do everything you are meant to safely you cant be failed also try to stay calm.

picture red L plate Learner driver sign

6. Know your car

Knowing the vehicle you are driving can help massively in understanding its functioning and feeling of being comfortable when driving. Ask lots of questions about the vehicle and get your instructor to show you the functions of the car regularly. 

7. Practice driving in different conditions.

The dark, rush hour, early mornings trying to practice in all conditions it is the only way you will ever learn what it feels like, also try to get out in different weather conditions, I know this is not always possible. get you driving instructor to teach you about the different weather conditions and how this can affect your driving.

8. Never be afraid get the examiner to repeat instructions. 

It can be daunting getting in the car with a total stranger especially under test conditions - the driving instructor will try and make you feel at ease as much as possible if you don't understand something they say or you didn't hear them properly don't be afraid to get them to repeat themselves - you can't get marked down for this.

9. Think about when you learn best. 

Everyone learns at a different pace in life and everyone is better learning at different times of the day try and work out when your concentration is at its best and book your test for that time mine was in the morning so this is when I had my tests for.

10. learn from experience.

Don't be disheartened if you don't pass your test first time, and don't compare yourself to others who did sometimes it isn't just about your driving for me it was nerves that let me down just stay calm and do your best - don't give up I didn't pass first time but I passed in the end through hard work and sticking with it.



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