Monday 26 August 2013

A dare devil child

Daring children Autism before diagnosis
When your expecting your first baby, you have dreams. What will he look like? Who will he look like? What food will he like, Will he love to read? Be creative?  what will he grow up to be?  We all ask our selves the questions.

When Liam was born he was such a good baby he cried for his bottle and then he slept he was rarely ever greedy and rarely ever sick, he didn't cry when he was bathed or dressed in fact from six weeks old he was sleeping throughout the night, from around ten at night till around eight in the morning he really was the perfect first time baby a mummy could ask for.

Then he hit six months old and started crawling, the rest happened in a whirl wind by eleven and a half moths he was a fully fledged toddler walking and my anxiety and panic about him having this new found freedom started. Like most children he was into everything all the plugs were covered over in a flash everything breakable was moved as is didn't matter how much you told him not to touch he always had his own mind.
At seventeen months he was monkey climbing the bars in his cot and pulling his mattress apart it didn't matter how many times he was put back into his cot he would be out again, Liam had no fear he didn't start to talk until he was around two and a half but he made up for his lack of speech in his actions. Everywhere we seemed to go he caused chaos he didn't care if he was with people he knew or not, he would see what he wanted to do and just run. He was covered in bruises his head where he would run into things or his legs where he would fall or try to climb things if I was a mother looking in from the outside, I myself would have thought he was a battered child, but of course he wasn't he hated kisses and cuddles Liam just wanted to do what he wanted to do, In fact when he started at his first childminding placement, because i could not remember how he had got the scratch on his arm or bruise on his head she reported us to social services, I felt like a failure as a mother and person and it was not because i was a bad mother he was just so active there was no way i could stop him climbing on his toys or throwing himself in and out of his ball pit there was no way you could log every single tumble he had Liam was just Liam.
daring children Autism before diagnosis
Liam is always getting himself into trouble!

After Adam was born Liam became more of a handful. There was one particular day that comes to mind he had been playing with his Rory the racing car bag carrying his toys around in it, I had fed Adam and took him upstairs for his nap, five seconds I had been upstairs if not less, In that time he had worked out how to open stair gate, taken his little bag and gone out of the front door. You can imagine the horror when i called for him, there was no sign I found myself frantically banging on my neighbors door I couldn't just run to look for him I had Adam in his cot, the neighbor came out and then i ran to look for him. Luckily a lady had stopped him in the alley way which dare i say leads onto a busy main road and she had started to call the police I was just so relieved to see him in one piece and alright, Liam on the other hand was not pleased he kept repeating him self over and over "park mom park mom" So you see Liam is very strong willed and has tried to be independent from a young age.
Of late Liam's adventures and fight for independence get more and more daring, which is what led me to write this post.
You see this morning being a nice day, we have a huge patio door and as a normal thing I do when the weather is nice I open the door and let the boys play outside. Whist i tidy up the toys that have usually been littered everywhere in the living room.
Only this morning Liam and Adam had only been outside around ten minutes and I hear Liam screaming, "mummy mummy help me"
So of course i go running out to see what is going on and there he is sitting on top of the fence, fence you say, no our fence is six feet tall, How did he manage that you might ask, he had climbed on top of his little Tikes red and yellow car and climbed the rest of the fence and could he not get down. because after climbing the fence Adam had gotten in to the car and drove off leaving him stranded......

But he is safe for now, mummy rescued him which he likes to tell people quite often, as he is always doing things that he needs rescuing from. His imagination and desire to do more daring things never ceases to amaze me, but you have got to have eyes everywhere and never underestimate him. Liam will always have a streak of dare devilish behavior in him!
I would love to hear any stories about what you expected or wanted from your child or stories of being a dare devil like Liam.

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