Saturday 17 August 2013

Dare to dream? how would you #Spend20K Britmums challenge

Everyone has dreams of what they would do if they won a large amount of money, So Britmums have set a challenge to share with people what we would spend £20,000 on, If of course you were lucky enough to win that sort of money. Now can you imagine going to the bank and seeing twenty thousand pounds sitting there? I cant imagine myself ever being that lucky, but if I were lucky enough to win,
"You have got to be in it to win it" 

I have been thinking long and hard about what I would spend it on.....

I do have a few small debts and boring as it seems I would definitely pay them off first it would be a big weight off my mind and a clear conscious before i started to get to the exciting things.

My first spend would be to learn to drive now I have heard a lot of people say the amount of lessons you need is down to your age (how true this is I don't know!) plus a few extra, so my age is thirty I am thinking I would need around 35 lessons, having viewed a few driving schools in the local area lessons can vary from twenty one pounds to twenty seven pounds, using that as a rough guideline and adding in the cost of the theory test and practical test (providing i passed first time) it would all in all total around £1000 pounds.
Once I had done this of course I would want to buy a car. Around ten thousand pounds of that would get me a lovely car, the car I would choose would be this fiesta.

Its just beautiful isn't it! Now I am not super savvy with cars but I have seen this when I have been out and about, I simply love it. Having the freedom of having a car would change our lives for the better, first and foremost just to be able to just go shopping with out doing it all online or nipping over to friends houses that are currently two bus journeys away.
Career wise for me it would also open a whole lot of new doors for me as i would love to work in the community with palliative care patients but without a car this is simply not an option.

I would also give to my local hospice which is LOROS (the Leicestershire and Rutland Organisation for the Relief of Suffering) five hundred pounds and although five hundred pounds doesn't seem an awful lot of money the hospice is a charity and rely on local donations and fund raising events to keep it open, so every donation is a valued one.
This is a a cause that lies very close to my heart as before I qualified as a nurse i worked in an oncology unit as a health care assistant and a lot of the patients that were looked after on the unit were refereed to LOROS for different reasons, some to live there end of life days, for pain management or purely for respite. It is a simply wonderful place and like in any health care environment everyone works really hard and does a fantastic job.

The last of my money would go on my living room at the moment my living room is a mass of emptiness and if you were to look at the room on its own with out the rest of the house you wouldn't be able to differentiate between it being a living room or a play room so let me show you  why....

The curtains and the settees are tired and worn

There is definitely to much empty space 

There is no storage for the boys toys and books 

 Some of the walls have there own drawn on art courtesy of Liam

and i have grown tired of the burgundy colour, tired of looking at blank walls and tired of it just being boring. So here is what I would do first, I would take the carpet up, having young children and carpets don't seem to be practical, As i don't have a dining room it doesn't seem to matter how much mat you put under the high chair they still get there dinner all over the floor! so id pick a nice dark wood flooring some thing like this.

After this i would need a colour scheme id without doubt pick teal probably something like this

I'd also absolutely love a grand fireplace 

Then there is toy storage I'd get both the boys one each of these toy boxes there so cute as well as being practical, keeping all there toys tidy and in one place.

The list for what I would like my living room is quite a long one, also I would like a beautiful rug, some shelves and some lovely big canvases on the walls.
One day hopefully my dream will come true but until then its save save save! But isn't it nice to have dreams.

What would you buy if you had twenty thousand pounds to spend?

This post is an entry for BritMums #Spend20K Challenge sponsored by The National Lottery, with more ways to win more money on the new Lotto game. Find out more about new Lotto, which starts in October, here –



  1. I am with you all the way on the driving lessons and car front. Had to to give freedom as would clearing debts. Liked hearing about your living room dream and highly approve of charity donation. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.
    Please ensure there is a working link to the National Lottery website for this to be a valid entry. You have until midnight today 18/8/13 to get this put right.

    1. thank you for your comment, writing this post has certainly been a learning curve for me and my blog, I have really enjoyed writing it, not to mention I have just mastered the art of of how to place a working link thanks, I am learning new things everyday and I love it.

  2. Well done and glad you took part. I remember struggling for months to work out links so we have all been there. Keep in touch - BritMums always happy to help on your blogging journey


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