Monday 19 August 2013

Our experience of the School Process so far #BacktoSchool week

So here we are nearly at the end of the school holidays, not that this has ever meant anything to me before now, As Liam will be the first child I have in school. So with there only three weeks left before Liam starts his afternoon place I have decided to tell you our thoughts and feelings on the School process so far.

I am going to start off by taking you back to June, when we had our letter through the door inviting myself and Liam to a "Come and Play session", Now I know these sessions are a standard procedure across the country as a way to introduce children to the place they will be spending there next year and a chance for parents to ask any questions they might have, which in my case is usually lots. I was actually quite excited by it all, I read the letter out loud to Liam, he was just as excited bouncing around the room saying "mummy mummy I go School now" .....

So on the 4th of July i helped Liam to get ready, putting him in his best outfit like all parents you want you child to look the best they can especially when its going to meet other parents and teachers, I would hate for anyone to think hear comes the "scruffy child" or a parent for that matter I put my best casual outfit on did my makeup and hair! a proud mummy always wants to look her best.
When we got there we were all ushered through to the nursery and welcomed formally by the teacher, Into "F1" given a list of expectations and what they would need for when they are starting.
To be quite honest the rest of what was said wasn't quite heard as i was completely overwhelmed by the whole experience, There were children from both the morning and the afternoon slots, parents talking between themselves and i was handed a four page form to fill in whilst I was there not to mention an over excited three year old that was disappearing into a sea of children.

But my mind wasn't actually focused on that day at all i could think was how on earth did we get to my baby being old enough to go to school, its almost like someone has pressed a fast forward button and and time has just jumped I guess i know now that this is the beginning of his own future and having a bit more independence away from mum, he is certainly ready to go to school, I am just not sure that I am ready.


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  1. Just wait until he is big enough for high school! I can't believe that my baby #2 is old enough to join his eldest brother at high school! Seems no time at all since I had him, but he is almost 12!


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