Tuesday 20 August 2013

Whats it all About? #BacktoSchool week

What is F1?

So as I said in my previous post myself and Liam were introduced into "F1", What is "F1"?, I actually had no idea. As a parent before applying for a school place i had researched the local schools looked at there results tables and Ofsted reports, but the the rest I had no idea about, so after some more research of my own here is what i have found.
F1 actually means foundation unit, so now i knew what the F stands for, I thought it was my job as a mum to find out what Liam would actually be doing within the foundation unit.

This is what i found, the schools strive towards three prime areas;
  1. communication and language
  2. personal, social and emotional development
  3. physical development 
With specific areas in;
  1. literacy 
  2. mathematics
  3. understanding the world
  4. expressive arts and design
Children are also taught to develop there social skills which include sharing, and working as part of a group. Every day of the week in foundation units are different and they use play to teach the children, as its a natural way for youngster to learn.

So how can I help Liam to learn? As a parent I'm sure all of us at one time or another have sang a nursery rhyme/song, read a story just by talking and listening to him, will help to develop children's confidence and communication skills.
I have also, as a mum tried to keep learning visual this helps your child to understand the world; For example when counting, count real things like the people at the bus stop or the cars that are parked on the street it help them to understand rather than just counting to ten. Children love things that are fun, so they are more likely to learn if they think its a game rather than a task or a chore.

I have also found with Liam encouraging him to put his dirty clothes in the washing basket or carry a bag when we have been shopping or even helping to dust the living room helps to encourage him to take responsibility's along with sharing and his confidence in life skills are growing.

All of this insight into school is certainly a learning curve for myself i didn't realise at three years old school was quite so complicated i thought they went to School played and came home well perhaps I wasn't quite that naive, but as a parent i think its really important to know what your child is going to be doing when they go to school so you can support and help them in any way possible.
I guess the word "foundation" says everything its giving them the stepping stones to progress into there own lives.  


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