Wednesday 21 August 2013

The list #BacktoSchool Week

As i mentioned in my first post we were given a sheet of what the Liam would need for school and also what would be expected of them.


  • All children should be able to get there selves ready for P.E
Liam cant get him self dressed he gets all muddled up and his temper flairs although with gentle encouragement he is slowly getting his pants the right way round after investing in some pants with pictures on the front and explaining that on trousers buttons or strings go at the front.

  • Can go to the toilet by themselves and wash there hands after
Liam still has "accidents" and needs lots of reminding to use the toilet he also is not very good at telling me he wants to go to the toilet when were outside of home although he never has an accident out however he will hold it till hes absolutely desperate and without me taking him and making him sit he would wait till he got home. As for hand washing he washes his hands but is fascinated by the water so with out supervision would probably just stay at the sink all day long

  • Children should be able to use a tissue or hankerchief properly
I actually can not say if he will do it or not because its a long time since he had a cold but hopefully he will.

What he will need to start school,
  • Black trousers 
  • white polo shirt
  • Royal blue jumper
  • white round neck T-shirts 
  • Black shorts 
  • P.E bag
  • Plimsolls
  • Black shoes with velcro
  • black socks
In addition to all the above everything needs labeling they also need wellies for the colder weather coming and a waterproof jacket they also need parents to pay a fee of £10 when they first start to cover baking ingredients and messy play food items.

So this is my list looks like lots, today myself and Liam are going on a getting ready for school adventure, hopefully to get everything he needs I have written it all down as not to forget anything but we will see how the day goes along I will be back tomorrow to let you know how he has got on! wish me luck x

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  1. Aww good luck with the back to school shop! The first one is always the worst...It gets easier after a couple of years...hehehe


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