Wednesday 7 August 2013

My monsters

Well i thought my second post should follow on from about me and tell you about the the two little monsters in my life my first is Liam................................

introducing my first born Liam to the blog and readers

Liam is three years old he is your typical boy loves playing in the mud and on his scooter, fireman Sam and Dora the explora and doing everything he possibly shouldn't do he has a lot of energy and never stops! he is has always been a very independent little boy. He is about to start part time afternoons at school from September and he can not wait!

introducing my first born Liam to the blog

He like many young Children has a very poor diet not because i don't feed him the right diet but because he refuses to eat anything unless it is of the breaded variety, like garlic bread crackers
crumpets etc he physically wont even put it near his mouth. He likes frosties although bear in mind this has took me six months of putting the bowl in front of him every morning until finally he ate it, it felt like such an achievement after battling with what i thought was never going to end i guess the moral is don't give up trying!

he is recently potty trained which seemed to take forever not because he couldn't do it but because he didn't want to, But we have finally got there in the end and i am a very proud mummy I can say he is dry all day, hes still wearing pull ups at night but i guess the rest will come in time.  


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