Saturday 31 August 2013

Thank you @glowkids1 we love our T-shirt

We all know as parents how scary it can be to lose site of your child for a moment or for them get lost in a huge sea of children on a park or day trip. As parents we all worry and the dark nights will soon be drawing in so as a parent you want your child to be seen. Whether it is walking home from school, on a park or firework night this brand is flexible for any occasion.

So let me tell you a bit about Glow kids

"GLOWkids was the idea of Caroline King, a mother of two boys and a graphic designer. she came up with the idea making it possible for kids to wear funky, fashionable 'safety wear' and to give parents like her, peace of mind when children are outside playing"

"quoted from the glow kids website"

GLOWkids have taken something serious (child safety) and made it fun so that all children will want to be a part of it and love it. Everyone that has seen Liam in his T-shirt has commented on what a good idea it is. They have also commented on how bright and how good the T-shirt looks on.

Glow in the dark 

The T-shirts range in sizes from 3-13 and are priced from £12 which i think is quite reasonable. The quality is really good and the T-shirt is 100% cotton. Liam's T-shirt is age three to four and the size is very generous which is good so he will be able to wear it for sometime yet as he really loves it. The T-shirt is everything it is suppose to be and it is extremely bright in colour.

With the summer soon to be drawing in and the darker nights taking hold I wanted to tell you about GLOWkids as it is such a fantastic idea and I personally am very impressed with it and will definitely be looking to buy more. 

To find out more information and to see there full range of designs visit 

glow in the dark

this photo was taken when it was quite dark you can see how bright the design is and how much it stands out.

I Entered a competition on a blog spot that i had seen, I thought the review was very positive and the t-shirts looked really nice. I entered through a rafflecopter form and I was lucky enough to be chosen at random as one of the winners. I was not asked to write this review but I have done because we loved it so much.



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