Friday 30 August 2013

Bedtime routine where does it all go wrong!

From when both Liam & Adam were born they have both had a great bedtime routine that has slowly adapted to what it is now it all starts from around teatime.
We sit down as a three and always eat our tea together which usually involves lots of telling Liam to sit back down and the table and asking him to try something that is on his plate which normally ends with him going without tea every night! After this I find myself running the hoover over the living room frantically scrubbing the high chair the little table and the carpet before heading upstairs for a bath, or trying to anyway.
As soon as i say its bath time its like I have unleashed animals Liam goes one way and Adam goes the other, there laughing and giggling to each other who can run the fastest or hide the longest from mummy. Once they have been herded up the stairs instead of going into there own room which might I add is at the top of the stairs they make a run for it straight into my room stripping the bed, jumping and pushing and climbing in the wardrobes, All whilst I am trying to sort out towels and nightwear, as quickly as I can, its a race to see if I can get all there things together before they completely obliterate the upstairs. It usually ends with mummy winning and making them pick up the majority of things before they get into the bath which seems to take them forever. I don't understand how children can destroy a room in five minutes but the clear up can take as long as half an hour.

They are both quite willing to get undressed and to get into the bath I never have a problem with that. When there in the bath its always the same I wash both of there hairs,  wash there body and then brush there teeth always in that order and they are both really good no tears whilst I am doing any of the tasks, however by the time we have finished the bathroom does happen to look like a huge storm has passed though leaving masses of water every where including leaving me looking like I could have done with investing in an umbrella. They never want to get out of the bath but as the last few weeks have gone by my theory is the best way to get them to do what you want is through play, so this is how I do it I usually say whats that noise and make a whooshing sound like the wind and say quick a storm is coming, at which point i usually have the boys full attention there scrambling to get out of the bath and to get there towels usually Liam is saying brrr its cold we need to get away from the storm. I don't actually know how long this story telling will last or will help me to get them out of the bath but for now it seems to work and they get out with out crying or without wanting to get back in.

After there bath the fights start again both of them just want to run round with no clothes on causing mischief and mayhem, I am saying come and get dressed and they are both seeing which one can curl up the furthest under the cot or bed so that mummy cant reach them they think its highly amusing. Once they are in there night clothes its time to get into bed and a story, they love story's just lately none of the books we have are good enough so mummy makes them up usually about dragons, snakes or firemen whatever Liam's request is for anything that has loud noises or things that he likes. After the story I tell them I will be back in a moment as I make them a bottle of milk each and take it up for them to drink in bed. I say good night to them both and tell them I love them and then there is silence........
Every night I come down take a deep breath and turn the television over, as it is still usually singing the end of the CBeebies bedtime hour, but the deep breath only last for around ten minute before I hear little feet totting across the landing and down the stairs.
"I have tummy ache mummy There is a dragon on my roof the fire engines keeping me awake" my personal favourite "my bed is boring"
You name it that boy has an excuse or reason for everything and especially of why he shouldn't stay in his bed, Adam is usually singing at the top of his voice and shouting or trying to do head stands in his cot.
I think there bedtime routine is great we do the same every night I am just not sure where it all goes wrong? You see it does not generally go quiet upstairs until around ten o'clock when in actual fact the boys should have been asleep and quiet by seven thirty. Instead it finishes up with me running up and down the stairs putting Liam back into bed, turning the lights off, picking toys up and putting the bedding back in the cot It makes me tired thinking about it! With the best will in the world my routine turns into a shambles once there bottles have been drank!
So how do you get your children to stay in bed? or is it just a battle of wills like it is in my house I would love to hear your thoughts.


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