Thursday, 29 August 2013

Adam 22 months old

22 month old baby

So My little bubba has just passed his twenty two month mile stone I can not actually believe he is two soon time goes so fast and he is turning into a little boy instead of being a baby.

Adam when he was first born

When he gets up in the morning he tells down stairs and says I want juice followed by the cutest "peaaaaaas" He understands most basic things, When i say pick your toys up he totters along and starts picking them up and. His speech is really coming along with every new word he says I am amazed he counts too three and says ABC its a great start and I am so proud of him although he cant communicate everything he wants he really tries hard.

The only down side with him is his frustration if he can not communicate what he wants or have his own way, he has a terrible temper he will bang his head on everything kick and roll around the floor scream until he gets some attention, usually when he is like this I either ignore him or try and distract him, he is the type of child even at such a young age you can reason with him. For instance if he starts having a tantrum when I am getting him dressed i can say do you want to go out in the pushchair and he nods and will begin to help if of course, If that is what he wants to do, if not usually giving him a toy to hold works just as well.

Adam loves to sing and dance he is coming to the point where when i start to sing he says no because he wants to sing the song him self he loves to dance and be the center of attention all of the time he loves the football and his cars we also have an obsession with wanting to wear his Peppa Pig slippers when ever we are going out! even they are one size too big, but he loves them he is so cheeky he loves to kiss and cuddle especially his brother who often pushes him over for trying, Adam is growing into a lovely loving little boy.

22 months old baby


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