Thursday 19 September 2013

An awesome Autumn party night in!

Once upon a time my perfect night, would involve wine at home with friends a taxi to a pub, then to a club, dancing the night away and then staggering home in the early hours of the morning feet pounding.Things change and now I think you can have just as much fun at home.
I love the season of autumn reds, golds and browns, leaves crunching under your feet and crisp sunny mornings.
This is going to be my theme for the perfect night in now don't get me wrong I love my boys but its going to be an all adult party so I am calling in the favours, (Mum and Auntie if your reading this your in!).

party ideas for Autumn Now for decoration I want to bring some of the outdoors in, so I would decorate the the hallways and garden with confetti leaves. 

 Autumn party ideasparty lights in the front garden leading up the path, I would also have them all the way around the back garden.                    
 party ideas lighting for the back fence and windows.                                                        
I would collect leaves and hang them in the doorways on strings, there would be gold balloons and free standing artificial trees decorated with fairy lights. there would also be some big carved out pumpkins in the garden after all it wouldn't be Autumn without a pumpkin or two!

Now for the food, I would lay on a beautiful tantalising buffet, with cheesy Autumn mushrooms, chestnut salad, home made pumpkin bread, a roast turkey and some classic buffet favourites like cheese and pineapple on sticks, sausage rolls, bread rolls and lots more. Too the best bit pudding blackberry and apple crumble,  Cinnamon leaf shaped biscuits & toffee apples. The centre piece of the table would be a huge gleaming gold stack of Ferrero Rocher.

party ideas
Drinks Would be crisp white wine and cider, not to mention a classy hot chocolate maker with marshmallows cream and chocolate sprinkles for the non-drinkers.

party ideas

I would invite all of my best friends of course, insisting they all were wearing there best outfits with something gold to fit the autumn theme, we don't ever all get together much so I think party games would be useless, far to much catching up, gossipping and laughing to do, however I do think old habits die hard we would need music, need to dance, shaking my now bigger sized mummy bum is so much fun!

 party ideasSo i would have a make shift dance floor and disco lights in the corner something like this with some very cool music, probably what most would call "cheesy" lets face it a good night isn't a good night without a bit of Wham or Chesney Hawks. 
I don't think the budget would go quite as far as I have tried to make it go, but I am sure I could come up with some cheaper versions to re-in act my awesome autumn dream.
A girl can dream right, I have written this post after I spotted a fantastic idea for a blog post on Little Stuff last week not only has it had me dreaming about lots of different party ideas, it is a competition to win an awesome prize. It is in partnership with brand new bingo review portal Two Little Fleas, and asks us to share how we would spend £750 on a Big Night.



  1. wow sounds like a great night in good luck

  2. Sounds like an amazing night Helen, I've also traded nights out for nights in, and they can be just as much if not more fun! :) x ps. Good luck.

  3. Wow, sounds a fab night in (apart from the Chesney lol), good luck with the competition!

  4. Some lovely ideas! Must admit Autumn is my favourite season! I love the colours and the darker evenings so I can light my candles and switch on my fairy lights. I love your garden lanterns!


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