Wednesday 18 September 2013

Dear Cold

I feel miserable, I definitely have a fever,                   
I think my cold has been delivered.
shivers and shakes right through to my bones,                
the pain in my head makes me moan.

A scratchy throat, and a tickly cough,
dear cold I wish you would just die off.
Winter is coming I need to turn up the heat,
and dig out my socks and blankets for snugly feet.

lemsips and tissues at the ready,
I know im going to have to take it steady,
Its my birthday on saturday I hope im well,
please take me out of this dear cold hell.

I know in the morning when I awake,
my bed will look like a tissue, snow lake.
For now I have no energy I can not write,
so tonight everyone im going to wish you good night.    



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