Tuesday 24 September 2013

Childrens health: Free soft play sessions from Bassetts soft and chewy vitamins

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For as long as I can remember Liam has been a terrible eater, so he has had different types of vitamins alongside his food. As a parent I wanted to make sure he was getting his correct daily vitamin intake.

Now I must stress that vitamins only help support a healthy lifestyle and must not be used for a substitute for a varied diet.

Liam, has so far tried a vast variety of vitamins in the forms of , capsules, drops and pastilles, However Liam's, favourite vitamins are in the form of pastilles as they look and taste like sweets. Who could blame him they are actually really tasty, but very beneficial for his health. Bassetts vitamins have kindly sent us two of their boxes of pastilles to try in two different flavours, orange and strawberry Liam likes them both. The vitamins are suitable for ages 3 plus onwards they contain vitamin A, B6, C, D and E. The vitamins are are sugar-free, with natural flavour and natural colours which every mum loves to hear.

children's health vitamins

Bassetts soft & chewy vitamins have recently carried out a survey recently asking 1000 mums there opinions on the benefits of soft play to find out why mums love these areas as much as children do.

Here are the findings;

  • 70% Of the mums believed that a soft play area session burns of excessive energy.
  • 60% said its a good form of exercise.
  • 61% said its fun for children.
  • 65% said they loved watching there children having fun.
  • 40% of mums said soft play areas were a good excuse for meeting he up with friends.

    The research also found

      • 60% of mums found that children were more likely to eat there dinner and have a good nights sleep after one of the play sessions.
      • 62% of mums said they found it improved there child's social skills.

        This is why from the 1st August 2013 Bassetts soft and chewy vitamins are offering one free soft play session with every box. There are nearly two hundred fantastic soft play centres around the UK taking part in this promotion. Children can play whilst us mums have a good catch up and coffee with friends.

        With the weather turning miserable again and the October half term not so far away, what a fantastic opportunity to get the kids out of the house, I know over the next couple of weeks we will be visiting our local Wacky warehouse! To run off all that excessive energy the boys have. Not only are Bassetts offering a free play session Bassetts soft & chewy vitamins offer a great choice of delicious one a day pastilles that are specially formulated for all ages and stages.

        To find out more about the promotion and where your nearest play centre is visit HERE

        This promotion is running across 1.2 million of Bassetts vitamins most popular packs, the vouchers are valid until 31/05/2014

        I was sent this product for the purpose of this review all opinions are honest and my own


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