Wednesday 25 September 2013

Pirate costume its a pirates life for me!

Liam came home with instructions on Friday that he needed a pirates outfit for school for a
"Pirates Party"
I cant understand why schools do that? Only give you a short while to organise something. So I went in to a bit of mummy panic mode on Friday how am i going to get him a costume for Tuesday I didn't want to spend a lot as I know he will never want to wear it again so this is what I came up with.

I found an old pair of jogging bottoms of Liam's that he only wears to play in.

I cut the bottoms off both the legs of the trousers

It didn't have to be straight as most pirates are quite rugged.

Then I simply chopped them it into the frayed look

I had to make them look like he had been at sea for a month!

Now I did cheat with the rest a bit I had an old stripy t-shirt for him to wear for his top, I bought him an eye patch and I had a bandanna with a skull on from a different occasion, so all in all the outfit cost around £3 that was just for the eye patch but If I hadn't of had the bandanna I would have just used an old tea towel for the head dress.
children and kids home made pirates costume

The earring is just a clip on earring with a gold curtain type ring attached to it

This is the end product, not to bad to say everything he has on is what I found around the house apart from the eye patch. I wanted to draw on his face and give him a scar but he wouldn't let me. Liam being Liam, but he went to his "Pirates party" he actually kept his hat on and he has had a fabulous time and all for very little cost! I would say win win all round.



  1. haha Im not a great crafts mummy but I am very trying!

  2. A tea towel for the head dress is a good idea. We had a pirate's day at school too - found lots of cheapo things in Wilkos thankfully.


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