Tuesday 10 September 2013

Disney Infinity

Over the years Disney have brought to you a whole host of fantastically animated films such as monsters inc, Toy Story and the Incredibles with characters which will make sure the whole family are kept laughing on the edge of their seats and entertained for hours.

Disney Infinity.


Disney infinity children's games

Now from the creators of Disney you can enjoy a collaboration of all your favorite characters in the new game Disney Infinity. Disney Infinity is a game which sees you create worlds of your own. Using your imagination you are able to create your own adventures progressing through different levels and collecting various things such as vehicles, power discs and much, much more. The beauty of the game is if you're tired of the world you have built you can knock it down and start all over again.

To celebrate the fantastic launch of Disney Infinity, London has seen their very first Digital parade which showcased many of the Disney characters being projected and popping up all over different London buildings. Seeing the characters being brought to life and interacting with one another, onlookers watched in amazement as they viewed the spectacular digital displays.

Disney Infinity games Review

To build your own world and mix all your favorite characters in this unique game why not pick yourself up a copy of Disney Infinity and let your imagination and adventures continue!
The game is available to buy at most major retailers. Just like the Disney films, the game shows anything is possible all you need is your imagination.

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