Tuesday 10 September 2013

Rain Rain Rain!

So were having a fantastic time so far on holiday the beach is right on the doorstep although quite a climb over the sand dunes if you like that sort of thing! but we took the easy route of the man made path in between them the boys thought it was a great adventure up and down the twisty winding path
I managed to take these pictures of the beach this morning before it proceeded to rain again! typical English weather a week earlier it was warm but now rain rain and more rain but it hasn't stopped us from getting out and about in wales!

The boys have been out to the Tiger club nearly every night, I have been conned into buying flashing lights and bubble machines, they think its great! Adam has been dancing his little heart out on the dance floor.  Liam has said he is staying in his "caraban" forever bless him so I don't know how he is going to be come Friday when its time to say goodbye and go home but for now the fun continues hopefully with some dryer weather so we can get to the Zoo!
Liam and Adam ready for there night out at the club



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