Monday 16 September 2013

First day of school

Well were a little later than most but the day has finally arrived Liam started school today. The day started with him being up at crack of dawn, he was so excited running around jumping up and down not a bit nervous and if he was, he was hiding it very well, I tried to explain to him that he would not be going to school till after lunch but I do not think it registered with him, as he did keep telling me get me dressed mum and its time to go now!

I got him all ready in his school uniform, I felt like the proudest mummy in the world!


So we set off for school Liam running ahead in front the school is only a ten minute walk away from home, not really that far as we approached Liam was shouting "mummy mummy I can see the gates"
I did say to him now you have got to be brave mummy will pick you up later, but he wasn't in the slightest bit phased, to busy looking at the shiny building and play areas ahead of us.
If truth be told I think the be brave part was for myself I felt a little bit overwhelmed by it all. As we approached the class room the teacher was waiting out side to greet everyone Liam didn't wait for her to say hello, he did not say good bye he just ran inside and that was it, now I am glad he wasn't crying or clinging on to me like some of the children were but a kiss and a see you later would have been nice I think because I needed reassurance more than him!

The time this afternoon went by so fast, I felt like I had just sat down and it was time to go back and collect him!
When I got to the School the teacher gave me one of them looks my heart sank I thought what's he done? Turns out he had been charging around and fell over bumped and bruised his cheek so she handed me a copy of the accident form, he had also torn a hole in his trousers, his jumper was covered in red paint and his shoes have got what looks like chunks of the fronts missing from them where he has crawled all over the floor, I can see this going to school game is not going to be cheap.

However he had an amazing first day and he has absolutely loved it, he can not wait to go back again tomorrow. I still can not quite believe my baby has started school but I an enjoying every minute of watching him grow into a lovely little boy.


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